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fanventure time!! (minor characters needed)
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Offline 12-29-2015, 04:02 AM
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RE: oh look, it's another fansession.
MO: // bumpign this shit idk

> MO: Warn for fanventure spoilers in links 1 and 3.
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RE: oh look, it's another fansession.
Name: Aleine Elaine
*Name Meaning:
Gender: female
Screen Name: lycoGeneticist
Caste/Hex: indigo
Personality: She is nice but has anger issues. She is also lazy and looks for alternative ways to do things. She is a little forward and doesn't have a sense of personal space.
Appearance: Here she is
Age: 8 sweeps
Symbol: a crocked purple moon. more like a very old robotic claw
Symbol Meaning: kinda hints that in the future she gets a robotic arm and the hand at the end is a very old claw like thing. i am not good at descriptions
Dancestor Name: Chevre
Ancestor/Guardian Title: The Concubine
Lusus: wolfmom She is a wolf that is hip hight with large canine fangs, like a sabor tooth.
Classpect: Sylph Of Breath
Strife Specibus: Axe/Hatchet
Modus: Jenga (troll Jenga?...tenga? modus is tenga)
*Theme Music: (nothing serious)
Land of...?: Land of Roads and signs
Consorts: Orange Chameleons
Quest: follow the roads and bring rain back to the world
Artifact: purple star
Anything else: i could make some changes or apply for the yellow blood role?


OOC Pronouns: i dont care which ever
*Skype: animesmoker69 im the one with a dashing black man holding a dangerously large dorrito in space as a picture.
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RE: oh look, it's another fansession.
Name: Sahaja Rubenk

*Name Meaning: Sahaja means "alone" or "lonely" in malay, while "Rubenk" is just reshuffled "bunker", both indicating withdrawn person, sheltering herself from the world.

Gender: Female

Screen Name: catastropheDoublecrossed

Caste/Hex: Mutantblood, #FF0000, but Conceals, #626262

Personality: Sahaja is extremely paranoid to the point of the ruin. She fears everything and everyone and especially - seadwellers, who, she thinks, want her dead for oh so many reasons. When she is nervous (or terrified) she starts to make obscene threats to hurt or even kill other people, but Sahaja doesn't know if she'll actually be able to do so. She is prone to jump to the worst conclusions when she think about something and spans complicated and crazy conspiracy theories about, pretty much everything. Almost all of them are pretty pessimistic and incude some sort of powers working towards the extinction of the trollkind. Because of that she is very interestend in survivalist stuff, like salvaging, cooking and eating trash and other things like that. She is rude with other people, since she thinks that anyone not nice to her is an asshole and anyone nice - an asshole with an ulterior motive. Which is, trolls being trolls, quite accurate. She is pretty good with tech, especially adept in informational security and hacking counter-measures. She hates movies, or any kind of watchable media, as a matter of fact, thinking that Highbloods use them to brainwash people, preffering music (loud techno is her favorite) and books to that.

Appearance: She is smallish, about 5'2 and on the ligher side (about 100 pounds). Mostly she is dressed in baggy, poorly sitting on her clothes, preffering to wear a pitch black sweater with her grey sign on it, black jeans and some sturdy boots. Hair is very messy, with upper half of her face being almost constantly covered by it. Her horns are straight and thin, with two small protrusions at the top, looking like anthennas. She actually though they were anthennas for a while and one of the protrusions on the right horn is chipped and a little bit jagged, due to an attempt to cut it off. She at all times has a filter mask, hanging on her neck, just in case someone will try to poison the area.
Talksprite (courtesy of Dayv)

Age: 6.8 solar sweeps

Symbol: Crux (Southern Cross)

Symbol Meaning: Southern Cross can be only seen from the southern, less populated hemisphere, and so for the most people Sahaja herself flies under the radar. Her sign also looks like graveyard cross, representing her closeness to doom and death.

Dancestor Name: Tumili

Ancestor/Guardian Title: The Partisan - she was a soldier of one of many failed rebellions of the low-bloods, fighting even after the war was over, using stealth and underhanded tactics to hurt and kill nobles with cruelty and escaping the soldiers, sent to track her down.

Lusus: Anglerhound Dad - A giant dog-like creature with an anglerfish head instead of canine one, it's angler's light is bright red.

Classpect: Maid of Doom

Strife Specibus: crossbowKind

Modus: Maximum Security. This modus presents itself as an incomprehenceably complicated series of passwords, verificatons, bio-scanning and everything else like that, and it takes a lot of time for an item to be retrieved from the sylladex

Land of: Concrete and Decay (LOCAD)

Consorts: Earthworms

Quest: She must traverse the dying planet with the seeds from the only surviving bunker-colony and plant all of them, giving the world another chance to live

Artifact: a Signal Pistol that she must fire, to give the world a signal of an impeding doom

Anything else: This is backup troll, if there will be anyone else, who wants to be Concealed Blood - feel free, I'll step off

OOC information: as Jens
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RE: oh look, it's another fansession.
CNN: hmm.
CNN: sorry, but the mod aNd i are goiNg to have to say No to that one. ;N;
CNN: but you can still add a miNor character if you waNt!
FNN: hee hee.
FNN: past me's right. you can. and you should.
FNN: i still need my little puppet followers, after all.

MO: // hell yeah youre accepted
MO: // add her in to the mix dude

> MO: Warn for fanventure spoilers in links 1 and 3.
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Offline 12-30-2015, 07:15 AM (This reply was last modified: 12-30-2015 07:37 AM by The Gayest Yam.)(Edited by The Gayest Yam.)
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RE: oh look, it's another fansession.
Name: Aidann Praeli

Name Meaning:
Aidann means " Little fire "
Praeli is the shortened version of the Latin word for Warrior

Gender: Male

Screen Name: pyromaniacalEgotist

Caste/Hex: Violet

Personality: Aidenn is the kind of fish to easily lash out at others, even if he is red for them. It's just how his mind works, how he was taught by his Lusus. If not provoked, which is actually not too hard, he can be very calm and resourceful, although being near other sentinents makes him a little annoyed. He is a fish that likes his solitude. He will often write poetry when alone. How else is he supposed to express his feelings? Other than beating people up. He hates to be touched, he hates being talked to, and even how he wiggled himself into the game is beyond me. But he's here and he's ready to take out his feelings on imps. M a k e t h e m s u f f e r.

Appearance: Aidann is a good 6'1" with long, slightly muscular arms and legs. His face isn't as- something as the rest of him. His face is long and babyish, an odd thing on a troll such as him. His hair is military cut because who needs hair. He wears a bulky dark grey coat with violet trimmings. His pants fall neatly just above his black with violet trimmed shoes. He has a small scar over his upper lip in a ~ shape. His horns curl back like a half circle before going like a lightning bolt.

Age: 6.44 sweeps

Symbol: His symbol is a SWORD

Symbol Meaning: It it because of the THE CONSTELLATION OF THE SWORD, after Armeros, God of War, as Aidenn is very war-like in personality

Dancestor Name: Loeken Praeli

Ancestor/Guardian Title: The Bellator

Lusus: Sharkdad

Classpect: Prince of Life

Strife Specibus: Torchkind
(Anything pertaining to fire that can be fired/swiped at someone)

Modus: War Modus
(He has to play a quick game of war with his modus, and if he wins, he gets his item gently. If he losses, he gets smacked in the face by the item.)

Theme Music: Hey Asshole, or anything by Watsky

Land of...?: Land of Magma and Loneliness

Consorts: Red Pygmy Goats

Quest: He has to take and sacrifice a few pygmy goats to the guardian to calm it before battling it and, hopefully, winning.

Artifact: A clay tablet with the Japanese kanji for fire on it

Anything else:
Angry fishy
Fighting fishy
Little pile of hate
Stabby fishy
Killing fishy
Maim, maim, maim.

He likes the number 4
A lot

Dersite yo

All caps, W = VV, V = \/,


OOC Name: GayYams
OOC Pronouns: Any

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Offline 12-30-2015, 07:28 AM
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RE: oh look, it's another fansession.
NN: everythiNg checks out, so you're accepted, but do you thiNk you could elaborate a bit more oN the persoNality? ^^

> MO: Warn for fanventure spoilers in links 1 and 3.
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Offline 12-30-2015, 09:49 AM
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RE: oh look, it's another fansession.
Name: Gail Monohan
*Name Meaning: Gail is short for Abigail, which means "Father's joy". A reference to her freedom butterfly thing. Monohan is an Irish/Gaelic name.
Gender: Female.
Screen Name: confinedChrysalis
Personality: She does not have a great sense for other's freedom, at first. She actually restricts their development as people, until upon ascension, the wind "speaks" to her. She realizes that she must change her morals in order to be able to see the right paths to freedom. But overall, she is an athletic person who loves entomology. She helps others advance, as well as herself, through what advice the wind gives her. Man, I hope this is okay- whenever I'm feeling better I'll fix it.
Appearance: She stands at about 5'4, and weighs about 130 lbs. She has beautiful green eyes, freckles on her chubby babey face, and blonde hair that curls around her face, along with a braid. Her bangs are somewhat similar to Roxy's. She wears a white t-shirt with her Monarch Butterfly symbol on it, jean shorts, black tights, and boots. She is somewhat chubby, but still pretty athletic.
Age: 14 years.
Symbol: A Monarch Butterfly.
Symbol Meaning: It is referring to her love of Butterflies, as well as insects in general. Also is a reference to her aspect, Breath, which is about FLIGHT, FREEDOM, AND MOVEMENT.
Dancestor Name: Abra Monohan.
Ancestor/Guardian Title: Mom.
Classpect: Seer of Breath.
Strife Specibus: Zprnetkind- A bug net that doubles as a bug zapper.
Modus: Bugnet modus.
Land of: Summer and Cages
Consorts: Geckos of the auburn color. What, you thought I was gonna say butterflies, huh?
Quest: To free her butterflies from their cages by learning how to work the Lock of Breezes.
Artifact: A chrysalis that she has to break open.
Anything else: BA EB she is so adorable seriously.


OOC Name: dayv
OOC Pronouns: I'm a boss ass bit ch

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happy birthday you thick bitch
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RE: oh look, it's another fansession.

> MO: Warn for fanventure spoilers in links 1 and 3.
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Offline 12-31-2015, 03:52 AM
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RE: oh look, it's another fansession.
FNN: so, how many people do we need now?
FNN: the session has to start soon. ;n;
FNN: if someone goes inactive, i'm going to be sorely disappointed.

> MO: Warn for fanventure spoilers in links 1 and 3.
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RE: oh look, it's another fansession.
bump yo

[Image: shh50.png] shh.
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