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fanventure time!! (minor characters needed)
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RE: oh look, it's another fansession.
Name: Akasim Borjal(Mostly referred to as Sim)

*Name Meaning: Aka, derived from Akashic Records, which is a library of sorts, filled with all of the thoughts and events of all worlds that is believed to be located in other planes of existence. Borjal comes from the word borjgali, which is related to themes of existence and the universe, and also resembles the symbol for his aspect, Space.

Gender: Male

Screen Name: astralEndeavor

Caste/Hex: 008282 - Teal

Personality: Sim is very interested in the concept of change and existence, and how they relate to each other, and he wishes to change his world as he sees fit.
He does not like the troll society and all of its violence and he desires to completely wreck it. He wishes to play Sgrub because of it's universe-altering capabilities, and plans to exploit it's functions to achieve something close to omnipotence, so he can rearrange his and other worlds. He means well in his actions, and he thinks he will be a hero of sorts for doing this, but he is not thinking of the consequences or unforeseen circumstances and implications of what he is going to do. He believes that this is for the good of the universe, but in reality it may not be.

He's fairly condescending to others, even if he isn't trying to be. He likes to think of himself as some sort of guardian, or healer of new worlds. He wants to solve problems that others have, because he feels it is his duty. When things do not go right he can get very upset, and he can get upset pretty easily. But he is fairly friendly despite those things - although his tone may not seem like it - and he enjoys learning more about people, especially other species, so he reads about them a lot, and he asks a lot of questions.
He enjoys reading and writing stories and poetry, although he thinks he is not that great at it.

Appearance: Wears a black shirt and a white sleeveless hoodie, brown shorts, and metallic, iridescent shoes. His horns stick straight up and then stretch out in multiple directions, vaguely resembling a tree. His hair is cut short, and he has a very small ponytail. He is 5'9, and weighs 140 pounds.
Age: 6.92 sweeps, about fifteen in earth years

Symbol: The alchemist's symbol for lead.

Symbol Meaning: One of Sim's themes is metal, and lead is a metal with a fairly low melting point, representing him losing his cool very easily. Lead was also used way back when for pencils, representing his love for writing and poetry. Lead is associated with transformation and death, and also can be associated with removing impurities. Lead is also in the word "leader". Some metals in general are considered to be spiritually empowering.

Dancestor Name: Platus Borjal

Ancestor/Guardian Title: The Guardian

Lusus: An owl-like creature with a missing eye.

Classpect: Mage of Space

Strife Specibus: Staffkind

Modus: Light Modus - In order to get an item, a light must be shined on the catchapalogue card. The intensity of the light will affect how it comes out. If the light source is very dim, the item may come out broken or different. The brighter the light is, the more it will stay to the way it originally was.

*Theme Music: Something like this?

Land of...?: Drift and Spectrum
An airy land filled with floating islands and rainbows. Most of the ground is detached from the planet, and getting around is fairly difficult. Inside of the craters where the land no longer dwells, there are structures and areas built by Consorts. There are trees and flowers growing in a lot of places, and some rivers, although they do not appear to be made of water.

Consorts: Chameleons that slowly change colors over time.

Quest: To go to the highest levels of the world, and fix the distorted gravity of the planet, putting all the islands back to their proper places, but this will destroy the structures that the Consorts have created.
Artifact: A light switch and a light-bulb, and he must press the switch. But the light-bulb is already on, and when he presses the switch, it will turn off.

Anything else: err he basically never uses emoticons, and types in a fairly flat manner and uses more formal words, and almost always uses periods and question marks - however once he gets more comfortable with someone he may use more loose words, as well as exclamation points


OOC Name: awkwardExtirpation [AE]
OOC Pronouns: he/him
*Pesterchum: astralEndeavor [AE]

[Image: shh50.png] shh.
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RE: oh look, it's another fansession.
Name: Jens Torvir
Gender: Male
Screen Name: galvanizedTelemachus
Hex: #0000a6

Personality: Jens is not a very complicated person. If he likes something he tries to do this, even if he is terrible at it.
He is pretty opened up to the ideas, but can sometimes sound bigoted and judgemental, mostly due to his ignorance on most matters, not because due to malice, and quick to accept others once he gets to know them. Sometimes, though, too quick. Some would even call him gullible, but he is pretty okay with that. May be kinda oblivious and insensitive, but again - he is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Another big thing - he is really stubborn and focused on the goal, which helps with his main hobby: weapon and armorsmithing, hobby that requires a lot of patience and a lot of focus. He almost always pretty chill and relaxed, however if he gets an idea for a new exciting project he will jump to it, energetic and spry. He also have a pretty big thing for a tragic stories about star-crossed lovers, or any other kind of sob or romantic (or a mixture of both) story. He loves the idea of helping others with such struggles, partially, due to his (seemingly) boring life without any extrenal conflicts or romance.

Overall - Jens pretty decent, cheerful and optimistic guy, who really enjoys company of others and adores creativity and a good story. Although, some can say he is loud, brash and annoying. He is not "book smart" and most of what he understands comes from practical experience.

Appearance: Abnormally tall with heavy build (towering 6'10 with almost 220 pounds), has burn marks on his arms and his face. Hair is jet black and pretty short, messy and unkempt. Wears olive fatigues and welding glasses, always has his belt with a lot of gadgets and gizmos for tinkering, welding and smithing. His "lucky mitt" has Rage symbol on it

Age: 16 years

Symbol: High voltage symbol

Symbol Meaning: Jens is a man of passion for his projects. And he becomes really energetic, when he has something to do, so his inspiration being, to some extent his "energy source"
Dancestor Name: Olga
Ancestor/Guardian Title: Sis
Classpect: Heir of Rage
Strife Specibus: Spannerkind
Modus: Tinkering - every item in the inventory gets fragmented into various pieces of junk, in order to use it he must first repair the item
Land: Land of Storms and Triremes
Consorts: Goats
Quest: He must activate The Machina, by harnessing the power of the raging Storms and stop the endless invasion of Triremes
Artifact: The shittiest sword he ever forged, he must shatter it with a hammer
Anything else:


OOC Name: ghastlyTechnogenic [GT]
OOC Pronouns: He/him
*Pesterchum: galvanizedTelemachus
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RE: oh look, it's another fansession.

...Oh wait, they timed-out. ;-; Please come back to us.
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RE: oh look, it's another fansession.
1) void's taken.
2) there's already a knifekind.
3) please fill out the entire application. if you don't know what something is, look it up.

accepted! sorry for making you wait so long, friendo.

you already know the answer.

accepted! nice fankid you got there.

> MO: Warn for fanventure spoilers in links 1 and 3.
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RE: oh look, it's another fansession.
Name: Stasya Voynah
*Name Meaning: Stasya - short for Anastasia, Voynah - from the russian word for war.
Gender: Female
Screen Name: argonianArrogance
Caste/Hex: Fuchsia|#77003C
Personality: Stasya is a strong-willed individual. Focused on the subjugation of the lower castes through an iron-fisted rule, she believes that others should be controlled under her will. On the other hand, she is very easy to entice with promises of fortune and glory. Because of this, she is easily drawn to combat for riches and fame. If she were a lower blood, she would likely be a gladiator of some sort. She does have a hint of kindness to her power-hungry exterior, however. Although she rules in a strict and draconian manner, she has a soft spot for mutant trolls. When it comes to them, trolls beyond he hemospectrum for some odd reason, she can be nearly doting and motherly. In the past she has chosen mutant bloods to be her moirail, unfortunately treating them more like pets than actual trolls.
She has a tendency to be blunt and straight-forward, not caring if someone gets insulted in the process. She has little concern for the feelings of others, even if she is rather charismatic. She believes she is the best of the best, and her place on the hemospectrum is proof.
Appearance: [Image: LEC210n.png]
Age: 8 Sweeps
Symbol: Dragon
Symbol Meaning: Literally it's a dragon, referring to her Draconian nature.
Dancestor Name: Dragua Voynah
Ancestor/Guardian Title: The Dragonet
Lusus: Drck'nyck, a horrorterror in the form of a horribly mutated dragon.
Classpect: Thief of Breath
Strife Specibus: lanceKind
Modus: Notebook
*Theme Music: TBD
Land of...?: Chambers and Respiration
Consorts: Dragonflies
Quest: Clear the Chambers, allow the wind to flow freely through them, saving the suffocating consorts.
Artifact: Mechanical Bird, she needs to capture it, taking away it's freedom.
Anything else: Blep.


OOC Name: Emile
OOC Pronouns: He/Him
*Pesterchum: eldritchAcolyte
*Skype: Cyberdragoon314

[Image: Zb9ZfgY.gif]
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RE: oh look, it's another fansession.
Name: Syshik Prefec.

Name Meaning: Syshik is derived from the Russian word for "detective". Prefec is not only an imperfect spelling of the word "perfect", it is also an English car company often associated with the extraterrestrial.

Gender: Genderfluid, but DFAB.

Screen Name: gallantComposition.

Caste/Hex: 008141 (Jadeblood.)

Personality: Syshik is a rather educated troll. Using the (almost questionably) enormous amount of free-time they have, they have taken the time to study the arts to an almost unhealthy level of understanding. This includes the art of orchestra, literature, constructs, and all the like. Syshik has recently began to study English culture. So much so, that they often find themselves daydreaming about it. The appeal of a United Kingdom has drawn them in, and they have taken the time to try and emulate the human's English culture in their own hive. Aside from research, investigation and theorizing has been another one of Syshik's fascinations. Anything from caste-based subjugation to finding a more abundant source of food for their lusus, Syshik is often found trying to find solutions to their and their friend's problems using deduction and reason. Syshik considers themself an extrovert, but doesn't have many friends due to being caught up in their own little word of investigation and mystery.

Appearance: 6'2, weighing 142 lbs. Syshik is often found wearing a black button-up with their symbol over their heart. They have a jade tie and formal black pants, cutting off right at her shoe's rim. She has olive black hair that leads down to her shoulders, usually kept in vibrant curls. Her eyes are a jade color, matching her tie. Her body type is a top-heavy hourglass shape.

Age: 7.25 sweeps.

Symbol: An alchemic aquavitae. (For those of you who aren't complete nerds.)

Symbol Meaning: Literally a symbol for mental alchemy. The aquavitae represented intelligence and sophistication, almost arrogance in a sense.

Dancestor Name: Dirgel.

Ancestor/Guardian Title: The Kingsman.

Lusus: Viatoris, a tiny bluebird creature who is bound to wander across Alternia for no particular reason.

Classpect: Page of Mind.

Strife Specibus: Pistolkind.

Modus: Diabolical Box. (All items are put into a box. This box contains an array of puzzles on it. Once that box is solved, it will open to a couple other boxes. To get to your cappalouged item, you must solve the right box before the Diabolical Box shuts on you.)

Theme Music: General theme- Zack Bogucki's No Puzzle Left Unsolved., Strife theme- Zinle's Professor Layton Theme (Fighting Theme Remix.), Casual conversation- Mike Morasky's Machiavellian Bach, Questbed/Dying- Lucas King's Sherlock Theme (Musical Box Cover).

Land of...?: Nefarious Conspiracy and Conveniently Small Villages.

Consorts: Bluebirds!

Quest: To stop a secret underground cult from summoning a monster far beyond comprehension that will most certainly destroy the planet if called upon.

Artifact: A ritualistic dagger.

Anything else: A genderfluid englophilliac who's really good at puzzles.

OOC info is the same as SCIENCE!
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RE: oh look, it's another fansession.


> MO: Warn for fanventure spoilers in links 1 and 3.
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RE: oh look, it's another fansession.
Aphrod Iolite

*Name Meaning


Screen Name
hippodromeAmbiguity [HA]

#A1A100 Gold Blood

Aphrod always tried to get everyone in the happiest of moods and tries to get them all giggley. She's always smiling and giggling around other trolls that it could annoy the heck out of them. She doesn't care though, as long as she gets to have fun and goes for others. Whenever she gets really angry she'd go ahead and slap a rude ass comment in you face, and acts as if she doesn't give a fuck about you. Though whenever she gets really annoyed she'll just ask you too fuck off and rub her nose. Anyway, yes she is almost always happy and giggley. When she gets really excited she'll blast off to space. Not literal but would if she could. Unless they are in space already.

A troll standing at height of 4'9" and weighing 96 lbs with red and blue eyes. They stand up slouched a bit, with a tank top with a Corona Australis sign in a golden color in the center. Looking down, you will see a pair of dark gray shorts with pockets and a pair of Red and Blue shoes. The complexion of the ace is her wearing a pair of Red and Blue outlined in a darker gray pair of glasses and black lipstick. Her hair is long straight and messy. Her horns look Look like square boxes that are not folded (see Corona Australis)

6.60 Sweeps

Corona Australis

Symbol Meaning
Corona Australis; The meaning of Southern Crown.

Dancestor Name

Ancestor/Guardian Title
The Jokester

Two-Tailed Monkeymom

Knight of Heart

Strife Specibus
Two-Sided Paddle :^)

Joke Modus - Make a Joke about the Item you need, though mess up and forget/etc you lost your item and things get scattered about.

*Theme Music

Land of...?
Land of Roots and Pillars


Dislodge the untimely Pillar from its crater, hereby letting The Great Root grow and create Life in the Village.

{Cruxite} Vase (Will Be changed if notified)

Anything else
Im a meme.

OOC Name: Booterfly/Gost
OOC Pronouns: Any
*Pesterchum: hippodromeAmbiguity
*Skype: WifiDuh

- バブル -
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RE: oh look, it's another fansession.
Name: Kazper Tanith
Name Meaning: Kazper is a derivative from “Vritra” meaning Serpent or Snake, which is what I based his sign on. Tanith is a name that means “Serpent” in Hindi.
Screen Name: digitalMusician [DM]
Caste/Hex: Cerulean (#005499)

Personality: Kazper spends most of his time making music or mixing songs together to make Dubstep, as he considers himself to be a DJ. He is a bit cocky and a little overconfident, and tends to be a bit of a flirt. He’s a determined person who likes to finish what he starts. He’s loyal, but only to people that he finds worthy of trust. He doesn’t like people getting in his way, and often banters with those who he finds annoying. Despite his constant arguing with people he doesn’t like, he has no such desire for a Kismesis.
He’s a little scary when something goes wrong, and is a perfectionist, not stopping until something he makes is perfect (which often is a waste of time.) He loves danger and dangerous situations, mostly because of his attraction to darkness and death (often a reflection of his destructive self.) He absolutely hates his past selves, and threatens them constantly. He has a slight temper when he finds something flawed, and will lash out at people if anyone attempts to calm him down during a breakdown. He’s prone to panic attacks because of his perfectionist attitude, and thinks of himself as worthless or ignorant when something bad happens.

Appearance: Kazper is 5’7”, and is about 114 lbs. He has short wavy black hair that flicks out in most directions. He has long bangs that are swept to the left of his face, and has two curls that sweep inwardly against his cheekbones. His horns are curved similarly to Calliopes, and he wears a black T-shirt with his symbol in cerulean paint. He has a cerulean hoodie that he wears, unzipped with the sleeves rolled up. He has black jeans with a red belt and a black and silver studded belt that overlap eachother, and red converse shoes. He has black and red bracelets on his left wrist, and wears silver goggles on top of his head, in front of his horns. He also had red headphones around his neck. Aside from sharp eyeteeth, his teeth are blunt like Latula’s. (I’m working on a Talksprite.)

Age: 7.20 Sweeps
Symbol: Serpens
Symbol Meaning: The Snake Constellation
Dancestor Name: Azazel Tanith
Ancestor: The Royalist
Lusus: Snakedad (A giant white snake with a blue tint/glow to it)
Classpect: Prince of Time
Strife Specibus: Scythekind/ x2 Swordkind

Modus: Card-Deck (This is a show-your-cards modus, it enables the user to grab something out of someone else’s sylladex if they’re close enough)

Theme music:
Land: LOAAC (Land Of Ash and Clocks)
Consorts: Scorpions
Quest: Destroy the ruined temples to get the broken clocks to work again
Artifact: Some pretty sick turntables
Anything else: Nope!

OOC Name: Jazz
OOC Pronouns: He/Him
Pesterchum: Crimsonillusionist
Skype: Inactive. But my tumblr is Kurokishii!
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RE: oh look, it's another fansession.

> MO: Warn for fanventure spoilers in links 1 and 3.
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