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A Guide on Maryaming Porrim Style
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A Guide on Maryaming Porrim Style
So the trollplay forums went back up which means I can finally grab my other guides and preserve them elsewhere in the hopes that my evil Maryam kin will grow and flourish, chasing out the dreaded Cardboardnayas and Plasterwallrrims.

Porrim Maryam. She doesn't seem to be that popular in terms of RP, but she does show up with variable results. I myself suck at Porrim, but have been told by some that they would play her had they any idea on how to play her! I am here to tell you that I have next to nothing to tell you! Because we really don't have that much on her. I will make a guide based on what we have seen and occasionally add various assumptions one can make on any one given issue maybe. Like whether or not she's any good at sex. If I have I will point it out.

On that note this thing will include mentions of sex and possibly even descriptions on how to not entirely fucking fail at it when playing what many view as an ultra talented sex goddess.

Hobbies and Interests
Sex: How it works and views on it. NSFW
Feminism and Sexism
Tattooing and piercing section coming soon! Because at least one other person must be as weird about details as me!

All right so that is done. As one may note the word "seems" and things like it have been used a lot. Because we don't exactly know as much about her as we do about Kanaya or Rose or Karkat. I HAVE TRIED THOUGH. I also apologize for my version of what "next to nothing" means. Really it's mostly just words.

I most frequently play Kanaya, Porrim, and Aranea though I also play the Dolorosa, Vriska, Mindfang, Rose and Kankri on occasion.
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