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Friendsim - Discussion on our new buddies!!
Offline 10-01-2018, 06:30 AM (This reply was last modified: 11-16-2018 01:12 PM by SpacedOutSylph.)(Edited by SpacedOutSylph.)
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RE: Friendsim - Discussion on our new buddies!!
Man I'm loving Boldir's music!!
Also Boldir is a precious squirrel child???
(Also man she's a heart player????? what class is she supposed to be??? Maybe Rogue but idk)

And Stelsa is just an absolute mom, she's a sylph if I ever did see one!

I'm a lil confused as to what happened in the bad end of Boldir?? Who is trying to hurt my baby????

Hopefully they go over it in another volume!!

But there were a few moments in that end where they were getting pretty meta, I am rather concerned.

Anyways what did you guys think :DD

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