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Offline 07-17-2018, 01:34 PM
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(07-17-2018 11:29 AM)Shizre Greeko Wrote:  Oh, hello there.

um, i think i might need some help with my, not oc, but Trollsona. I've been searching reeeeeeeeally hard about the quirk, but i can't really find any that interests or fits me.

i would be glad if you help me with this.

#quirk #trollsonatrouble #gemini #gempia #trolls #desperatesearching
Alright! I'm just back from having a quick look at your sign (which I assume is gempia from your tags :))
So there's several ways you can go here:

A) Based on sign appearance
Gempia, to save any future onlookers the trouble, looks something like a hamburger (this is the best visual analogy I can think of I'm sorry XD).
You could enclose statements in (||), as it looks similar to the sign. For example
Or whenever you use parenthesis, use those instead, for example
My sign is Gempia (|Gold sign, derse dreamer, light bound|)
B) Based on characteristics of sign
Gempia is a massively observant and massively intellectual classpect. You could even do excessive question marks to show curiosity so common amongst light players, or even use enthusiastic mannerisms to that end. If you're interested in this one, let me know and I can go deeper into it :)
C) Base it on your personal interests!
Sort of like nepeta did, you could make puns about a certain thing you like, or alter spellings accordingly. Kinda depends on what your interests are ^-^
D) Base it on your lusus!
Again using nepeta as an example, she used ":33 <" because of her lusus. There's all sorts to be done with this, so if you know what it is, let me know and I can give you a few ideas :3

Again, just a few little ideas, you can use one or a combination of all of them. If none of those stuck, let me know and I can give it another look over :)

Thanks ^-^!!

Check out my God Tier/Fantroll Help Memo HERE :D!

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