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Jude Harley - roleplay guide
Offline 06-17-2018, 06:04 AM
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Jude Harley - roleplay guide
oh, here it comes.First here tips for hiveswap characters... at least character, i dunno if i will do more guides, but.. okey.
So, that guide will analyse Jude Harley, Joey's brother and... well, just Jude. Before we start i have to warn you, most of it are my predictions of his character. we don't know much things about jude. so... i think we can start...

[Image: tumblr_ow8p86L0o51us4msbo4_r1_1280.png]

Ok, before we really start, i will say, that i believe that jude's classpect could be Seer of Doom. I didn't figured that out on my own but i found great explanation here - and i agree with that. that classpect is something that will help me with the guide so i will use it many times, okay ? So lets start.

Ok, that is mostly what i can tell about jude now. There are two more things, joey is his sister and he will be afraid of her. and what can happen to her. (about other relationships i dont know, i know that their babysitter is Rose's Mom/Beta Mom Lalonde/Roxy Lalonde. His father is probably Jade's grandpa/Jake Harley. but really, i have problems with these all family things so... don't shout at me.

That is mostly everything. I hope thatwill help and i didn't miss something...
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