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Multifandom Roadtrip: The Reboot (or, Holiday Road)
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RE: Multifandom Roadtrip: The Reboot (or, Holiday Road)

Name: Cinnabar

Age: Unknown. Likely ~1000 years old physically, mental age ~17

Gender: N/A, uses pronouns they/them

Fandom: Houseki no Kuni

Summary: A gloomy, introverted gem. They keep mostly to themselves, but have been shown to be empathetic and wise. With a hardness of only 2, they are rather frail but show a high level of combative skill. They're pretty inept socially due to prolonged isolation. Cinnabar exudes toxic poison which they can manipulate at will, and which damages most living things it comes into contact with.

Mun name: Sunny

Pronouns: she/her
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