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Weird Cherubplay Things
Offline 07-04-2017, 09:38 PM
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RE: Weird Cherubplay Things
(07-04-2017 06:11 AM)ironicallyStupid Wrote:  
(06-22-2017 10:27 PM)Gamizle Makarizzle Wrote:  If I do misclick and accidentally answer a prompt I didn't want to answer, I'll usually leave a message along the lines of:

"Misclick, so sorry!"

And about the reply thing, I have this one chat that went something like this:

I posted a prompt (forgot if it was on home or directory, doesn't matter), and had someone answer it. My prompts usually include at least 2 ideas, so I discuss plot with the person that connects, then kinks and hard NOs, if it's NSFW. So, we did that, and they had also picked a character beforehand. As I find customary/polite, I write the starter, since it's my prompt, and I wouldn't force someone else to write a starter for MY prompt, you know? It's polite. I write the starter, it's not very long since there was really not much need for world-building, but there's material to work with, which is mostly what I care about.

They ask a question about the setting real quick, I answer.

I tell them I need sleep, it's 3am, they say OK.

I shoot a message when I'm awake, they still hadn't replied.

My starter was posted on June 14th, and they still haven't replied, but the chat hasn't been ended.

Well, that's certainly a while. I admit that I get extremely slow with replies. (An occurrence, which happens way too often, really. I pity the people, who RP with me, especially when they're super hype and don't get a reply soon.) But I always leave a warning and the period of time I'll be gone for as orientation.

This has happened to me quite a lot of times, by the way. Once, somebody connected to me, informing me of the character they were going to play as. We never discussed plot or anything from that sort, because they had to do something. I figured they got busy for a while. A couple of months passed, with no word from them, and I had decided to clean up my chats with a copy-paste message. I actually get a reply this time. (An OOC, though.) Gasp! They said that they do not wish to disconnect and are still interested. I disconnected after, like, two months of silence.

?? Why the hell???



I've still got some chats hanging around because people said "oh this and that's happening, I'll type a reply tonight". Man they have long nights, is there a lagging timezone or something?

Also called Doodlana.

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