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Sburbia Online ~ Chapter 5: Event Flags
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RE: Sburbia Online ~ Chapter 4 : No Strife in the War Room
Cole: Retreat.

[Image: 001_by_thisisnotaustin-dcwnuzp.gif]

Okay yeah you duck out of there. You aren't sure why Nensho helped you out. You imagine it was just so that he could have his "hero moment". You won't complain, considering it certainly confused Altraz enough for you to escape unharmed.

[Image: dcwnuzi-908f06b2-87bc-4f14-9dac-8749ebc30e3f.png]


Trolls always did have odd picks in homes. Why anyone would want their home to be literally a prison is way beyond you. Culture shock is a real son of a gun.

[Image: dcwo4kx-2d512a1b-ee83-4620-a13d-7602bf00bec1.png]

You'll be honest, you really do not like coming in here. Not because it's a prison (a lawman such as yourself has no issue being inside a jail for no reason other than throwing perps in the slammer). No, your unease comes from who is kept here.

[Image: 004_by_thisisnotaustin-dcwo4ra.gif]

When you pass her cell, you pick your pace up to an akward race-walk, as if she could somehow free herself from her cell and get you from behind like some kind of silly childhood bogeyman. You thank your lucky stars Gokudo has had it in him to keep her on lockdown this long.

[Image: 005_by_thisisnotaustin-dcwo4mq.gif]

The last Delta.

Of course, if Gokudo's powers were to ever weaken enough so that she'd get out, Wippet's Time powers would let her be the first to know. That's why Wippet doesn't mind keeping her inside the cells of her hive.

[Image: iawi9vK.png]
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