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Broadway Homestuck Casting Call!
Offline 12-03-2016, 06:53 AM (This reply was last modified: 12-03-2016 06:54 AM by why-am-i-here.)(Edited by why-am-i-here.)
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RE: Broadway Homestuck Casting Call!
(12-03-2016 05:10 AM)virtuousHarpy Wrote:  I'll just list the characters I know I can do and hope to find someone to audition as:
I hope you get back to me!

Thanks for your interest - and for messaging me! You apparently know my habits well enough, I was a bit lazy regarding this memo for a while - but I'm back from my forum haitus, so I should be responding more promptly. Sorry if I kept you waiting!

Of the characters you listed, Latula, Meulin, and Calliope are currently open for auditions. Feel free to check the cast list on the front page of this memo (under a spoiler) or the Broadwaytier cast page here to keep up-to-date with who's open and who's been cast, and break a leg! I don't know how well text-to-speech programs work for either of those, so if for some reason that's an issue or there's some similar block, just go ahead and check in with me here before you send your audition.

A walking choo choo catastrophe striving for horizontal width longening.
aight check it - Broadwaytier's looking for new talent!
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