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Fan Troll/Kid/Cherub Critic thread!
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RE: Fan Troll/Kid/Cherub Critic thread!
Name: Lyle Morello - Morello coming from Morella, a short-story by Edgar Allan Poe about a woman being reborn in the visage and soul of her daughter and tormenting her husband/the narrator, a theme that would occur with this character (more below)

Species - Human

Gender - Male

Age - 19

gulliversAntipathy [GA] - Inspired by Gulliver's Travels, where a man who likes to adventure and explore finds himself constantly running into trouble until he becomes so distant, pessimistic, and traumatized by his experiences that he eventually shuts himself in for the rest of his life and can no longer tolerate human company. I think this plays well with a Prince of Breath, whose counter to this is not realizing that they have their aspect until they lose it, and end up either inheriting that aspect as a weapon or destroying it. Also thematic with GCAT.


Fetch Modus
Pick Up Jacks Modus- Captchaloguing any items the user can pick up in the amount of time it takes for a rubber ball to return to the ground. Items in the sylladex are retrieved in a similar manner, which usually results in multiple items being removed at the same time. Worse still, if the ball doesn't return to the ground, Pick Up Mode will remain in play, and no items can be retrieved from the sylladex, and vice versa.

Strife Specibus
rbbrbllkind - Based on the heroes of breath and their various whimsical strife specibi, I thought a bouncy ball would be appropriate. Though I also thought it was appropriate to assign it a purpose, linking it to the Fetch Modus as a necessity, to play into a Blood player theme as well.

God Tier
Prince of Breath

-Setting aerial traps for birds (Anti-Breath aspect, Blood aspect)
-Caring for a large amount of the birds he captures and sets in cages (Blood aspect)
-Leather jackets and skinny jeans (relating to dead apparel and constricting fashion) (Blood aspect)
-Violent RPGs (Limiting Breath aspect/Obligatory Blood aspect)
-Horror movies (Blood aspect)

-Penthouse (High Altitude Breath aspect/Isolated Blood aspect)
-Labyrinthian Cityscape below (Isolated Blood aspect)
-Overprotective Uncle (Blood aspect)

The Medium
Land of Fumes and Briars - A land Typheus cursed with sharp hedges and poisonous air, he has trapped the consorts in an endless maze, separated only by gaping trenches and canyons that emit toxic fumes into the air and prevent many from traveling further throughout the world if they're not already dead. This plays into the god tier role of Princes (One aspect of their land is something they hate or is limiting) and Breath (Fumes being both a factor in the elemental aspect as well as going against the aspect of Breath by otherwise being limiting in nature).

Once Lyle assumes a position of leadership in his session, as is typical for Heroes of Breath and Heroes of Blood, he will take an approach that is overly responsible, manipulating the session so that he can maintain absolute control over his fellow players, using his server powers to eventually acquire all laptops in his home. He'll then limit everyone's options to either grinding or alchemizing new weapons while he uses the grist to build his own tower higher and higher, creating a feudal fortress around himself.

Although, once he falls asleep and awakes as his dream self on Derse, he finds himself trapped in a tower of similar design by the Dersites. Panicking and trying everything he can to break his walls down, he eventually files down the bars enough to slip out, stealing away on a Dersite ship to Skaia in the clothes of a Dignitary. To not prolong this description, after several plans and attacks and events on either Prospitians or the Dersites (I haven't decided which yet), he becomes paralyzed when he receives a great blow from the Black King. His body lands in a blood-stained river, and he floats on for a long time with no interaction with his other players, who've since taken Lyle's prolonged periods of sleep to escape the confines he's provided them or to go on their own missions to Skaia, his quest bed finds him on a ragged shore, and he is restored in his waking body as a Prince of Breath.

The length of his loneliness washing out any semblance of control over his fellow players, he releases himself from the position of authority as he proceeds through the battlefield/waking world alone, though his actions still have consequences in the players' lives even after he goes on alone, until they meet once again when the players are able to reach his planet and reacquire all of the Grist funneled towards his own designs. They may kill him.

Of course none of this is set in stone but this is a plot design I've been saving for a Prince of Breath or a Bard of Time (who would possibly be far more of an antagonist and would emphasize the need of him in a successful SBURB session and the need to kill him)

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