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fanventure time!! (minor characters needed)
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RE: oh look, it's another fansession.
Name: Akasim Borjal(Mostly referred to as Sim)

*Name Meaning: Aka, derived from Akashic Records, which is a library of sorts, filled with all of the thoughts and events of all worlds that is believed to be located in other planes of existence. Borjal comes from the word borjgali, which is related to themes of existence and the universe, and also resembles the symbol for his aspect, Space.

Gender: Male

Screen Name: astralEndeavor

Caste/Hex: 008282 - Teal

Personality: Sim is very interested in the concept of change and existence, and how they relate to each other, and he wishes to change his world as he sees fit.
He does not like the troll society and all of its violence and he desires to completely wreck it. He wishes to play Sgrub because of it's universe-altering capabilities, and plans to exploit it's functions to achieve something close to omnipotence, so he can rearrange his and other worlds. He means well in his actions, and he thinks he will be a hero of sorts for doing this, but he is not thinking of the consequences or unforeseen circumstances and implications of what he is going to do. He believes that this is for the good of the universe, but in reality it may not be.

He's fairly condescending to others, even if he isn't trying to be. He likes to think of himself as some sort of guardian, or healer of new worlds. He wants to solve problems that others have, because he feels it is his duty. When things do not go right he can get very upset, and he can get upset pretty easily. But he is fairly friendly despite those things - although his tone may not seem like it - and he enjoys learning more about people, especially other species, so he reads about them a lot, and he asks a lot of questions.
He enjoys reading and writing stories and poetry, although he thinks he is not that great at it.

Appearance: Wears a black shirt and a white sleeveless hoodie, brown shorts, and metallic, iridescent shoes. His horns stick straight up and then stretch out in multiple directions, vaguely resembling a tree. His hair is cut short, and he has a very small ponytail. He is 5'9, and weighs 140 pounds.
Age: 6.92 sweeps, about fifteen in earth years

Symbol: The alchemist's symbol for lead.

Symbol Meaning: One of Sim's themes is metal, and lead is a metal with a fairly low melting point, representing him losing his cool very easily. Lead was also used way back when for pencils, representing his love for writing and poetry. Lead is associated with transformation and death, and also can be associated with removing impurities. Lead is also in the word "leader". Some metals in general are considered to be spiritually empowering.

Dancestor Name: Platus Borjal

Ancestor/Guardian Title: The Guardian

Lusus: An owl-like creature with a missing eye.

Classpect: Mage of Space

Strife Specibus: Staffkind

Modus: Light Modus - In order to get an item, a light must be shined on the catchapalogue card. The intensity of the light will affect how it comes out. If the light source is very dim, the item may come out broken or different. The brighter the light is, the more it will stay to the way it originally was.

*Theme Music: Something like this?

Land of...?: Drift and Spectrum
An airy land filled with floating islands and rainbows. Most of the ground is detached from the planet, and getting around is fairly difficult. Inside of the craters where the land no longer dwells, there are structures and areas built by Consorts. There are trees and flowers growing in a lot of places, and some rivers, although they do not appear to be made of water.

Consorts: Chameleons that slowly change colors over time.

Quest: To go to the highest levels of the world, and fix the distorted gravity of the planet, putting all the islands back to their proper places, but this will destroy the structures that the Consorts have created.
Artifact: A light switch and a light-bulb, and he must press the switch. But the light-bulb is already on, and when he presses the switch, it will turn off.

Anything else: err he basically never uses emoticons, and types in a fairly flat manner and uses more formal words, and almost always uses periods and question marks - however once he gets more comfortable with someone he may use more loose words, as well as exclamation points


OOC Name: awkwardExtirpation [AE]
OOC Pronouns: he/him
*Pesterchum: astralEndeavor [AE]

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