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Headcanon Masterpost
Offline 07-06-2017, 07:51 AM
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RE: Headcanon Masterpost
Hello! Thanks for submitting your headcanons. Feel free to keep submitting them, but I'm also up to take suggestions about things to add to this, etc!

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sometimes you just gotta
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RE: Headcanon Masterpost
Whomp, gonna give this a slight bump because I've struck middle name central up in this. I've got all the humans and the beta trolls so let's go down the list.

John Adam Egbert.
(John's cruxite artifact is an apple, a nod to the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve do some apple-biting stuff or however the story goes. It's also a fairly standard male name, which fits John's equally standard first name.)

Rose Dawn Lalonde.
(A nod to her role as Seer of Light, as well as Breaking Dawn, the Twilight story. Take a wild guess what connection Twilight has with Rose.)

Dave Cole Strider.
(Homophonous with 'coal', as well as being a slight nod to PepsiCola (JohnDave, which, while I don't ship in the slightest, is a Strider-related concept in the fandom.)

Jade Jule Harley.
(Homophonous with 'jewel', like a gemstone, as well as 'joule', a unit of energy (because she's a Space player). There's also Jules Verne, a well-renowned science fiction author.)

Jane Eden Crocker.
(John is Adam, so Jane is Eden, as in, the Garden of Eden. Interestingly enough, Jane used to be interested in horticulture.)

Roxy Gwen Lalonde.
(Guinevere, often written as Guenevere or Gwenevere, is married to King Arthur in Arthurian legend, though she also had a side thing going with Lancelot. Roxy canonically has a bit of a hankering for the fellas (according to her introduction page).)

Dirk Noah Strider.
(In reference to Noah's Ark, because Dirk is on a flooded Earth in his apartment home with a bunch of creatures.)

Jake Lyle English.
(An English surname meaning 'the island' or 'from the island'. Fitting for the islander boy, and it also sounds rather old-timey.)

Karkat Wilder Vantas.
(After Gene Wilder, an actor with the first name GENE - fitting for the cancer boy.)

Aradia Melody Megido.
(Aradia's SGRUB planet is the Land of Quartz and Melody.)

Tavros Lionel Nitram.
(Lionel has 'lion' in it, as in the animal that he would be able to commune with, which itself is homophonous with 'lyin', in reference to his paralysation.)

Sollux Thomas Captor.
(Thomas means 'twin', and also begins with 'th', in reference to him having a lisp. Additionally, if you move 't' to the end of Thomas, you get Homast. Mast. Helmsman.)
EDIT: I've just found out that, "the protagonist of "The Matrix", Thomas Anderson, lives a double life as a hacker with the alias Neo." God... Damn it, that was not intentional.

Nepeta Alicia Leijon.
(After Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, which is referenced by Nepeta and her character a number of times over the course of her existence in the comic.)

Kanaya Aurora Maryam.
(After Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, who was cursed to fall asleep after pricking her finger (rainbow drinker, blood) on a spindle (used to make clothing as far as I'm aware). Not to mention it describes a really pretty light source in the sky (as Kanaya's fallen for two Light players).)

Terezi Bailey Pyrope.
(A name that basically means 'bailiff'. She's a court girl.)

Vriska Pamela Serket.
(A less than badass name for someone who would really want one. Her name translates to 'all sweetness', but BACKWARDS, we get alemap. Ale (ail, the trouble of the mind or body) and map (Land of Maps and Treasure). It's a stretch but it's there. And better than just putting "Danger" as her middle name.)

Equius Arthur Zahhak.
(After Arthour, his lusus, as well as King Arthur, who was a pretty noble dude. Interestingly, I gave Roxy, the other Void player, the name of his wife. Completely coincidentally, I just realised that while typing this.)

Gamzee Ronald Makara.
(After Ronald McDonald, a clown, as well as Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the US. He's a highblood, the highest land dweller there is, so both fit.)

Eridan Julius Ampora.
(After Julius Caesar, as mentioned waaayyyy earlier in this memo. Political leader.)

Feferi Dianna Peixes.
(After Princess Diana, as well as Wonder Woman. It also just sounds like a princess-esque name in general, which I suppose is supported by the former.)

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Offline 12-28-2017, 05:04 AM
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RE: Headcanon Masterpost

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sometimes you just gotta
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RE: Headcanon Masterpost
Sending in some name headcanons! I posted these elsewhere but hey, why not!

Jake Gilligan English, because Grandma English loved the show and loved the goofy joke about raising her kid on a remote island.

Jade Claire Harley, because- what's the Hiveswap quote, loving something similar in a different location is pretty much the same, right?

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RE: Headcanon Masterpost
rose lalonde
ethnicity: french
height: 5’5
reference picture (credit)

roxy lalonde
ethnicity: french
height: 5’7
reference picture (credit)
other: is a fan of lady gaga and p!nk

dirk strider
ethnicity: dutch caucasian

jake english
ethnicity: pacific islander, mixed british

feferi peixes
ethnicity: portuguese (iberian)

kurloz makara
talents: playing the violin
mental health: ptsd

i really like this headcanon thing you got going on! as a suggestion, perhaps add the hiveswap characters ? ^^

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Offline 01-14-2018, 04:01 AM
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RE: Headcanon Masterpost
here are some other ones

aradia megido
other: (for human!aradia i guess) she is an indigo child. this explains her psychic abilities

sollux captor
physical appearance: has heterochromia iridium. his left eye is blue and his right one is an amberish hue almost red

john egbert
talents: playing the piano (canonish?)

rose lalonde
likes: rainy weather

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❝ all your flaws and i still think you are perfect ❞
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Offline 02-10-2018, 05:36 PM
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RE: Headcanon Masterpost
Jade is African American.
Dave is Asian American.
Rose is Native American.
And John is whiter than the damn snow.

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