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Deja vu - ClinomaticVixen - 05-12-2019 02:29 AM

For years i would have dreams, forget about them, then they would actually happen in reality, and right as it started happening i would remember. lately I've been experimenting and altering just slightly what i say, and generally it doesn't change much, or just the other person says something slightly different if at all. There has to be a term for seeing the future in your dreams besides Deja vu right?
I don't even know how it works, I can't try to have them or think really hard before bed or anything to force it, it just happens randomly.
and i know it isn't just my brain making up a feeling because in elementary i had a deja vu dream that i was in class (highschool) and answered for the class for some lengthy math equation on the smart board, that at that age i would have had no way of knowing how to solve it let alone had seen it, yet years later it happened exactly like the dream.
I am also scarily accurate when doing tarot readings for not only myself but other people. to the point where even my brother is like, how the hell??
and i agree