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Friendsim - Discussion on our new buddies!! - SpacedOutSylph - 09-16-2018 08:38 AM

Hey! Just opening this cuz, woah, looks like there's no public place to chat about MSPA Reader's misadventures on here yet, and I'm capitalizing on such a lack.

So yeah.

Who's your favorite troll so far :D
Are any of the Troll Call trolls the same sign as you and how worried are you about this
To what precise degree is Polypa best girl :D
Also, what do you think these guy's titles might be?

Pretty much anything goes!

Let the FRIENDSHIP begin!

RE: Friendsim - Discussion on our new buddies!! - sinical - 09-16-2018 09:35 AM

oh boy do i have a LOT of things to say about this topic. but i don’t have enough time right now aaaa i’ll add more stuff later i promise.

for one thing, i’m incredibly fond of vaporwave so needless to say cirava’s route definitely sparked my interest.

amisia’s one was… interesting as well, i really like her character overall. when i did the extended zodiac quiz i actually got sagira, which is her sign in case you didn’t know.

oh and tyzias’ route made me feel very nice and warm inside when i completed it and not because i may or may not have a ridiculous crush on her nahh, what

also bless this memo ?? ♥

RE: Friendsim - Discussion on our new buddies!! - SpacedOutSylph - 09-16-2018 10:47 AM

To be honest Polypa is my favorite!
Olive Wife is best for me Big Grin

I swear all the indigoes are psychotic killers, just...equius.....or.....him.
I actually will bet money that Andrew has an ex that's a Sagittarius
Still though Galekh is my son and it's nice to see a break in the trend!!I ship him so hard black with ya boi gorgor and red with mallek
Also Tyzias is like 2nd best girl i just can't--

The official best girl rankings (for me at least)
100000000. Polypa
2. Tyzias
3. Chixie
4. Remele
5. Bronya (Or Lynera I love the jade girls so much)
Best Boi Rankings:
1. GorGor I liked him so much
2. My son
3. Mallek
4. Tegiri
-10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000​0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000. Zebruh

RE: Friendsim - Discussion on our new buddies!! - sinical - 09-16-2018 01:53 PM

polypa's route wasn't really what i had in mind and it was one of shortest routes i think ? but still, she's a very interesting character if i do say so myself. i do hope act II reveals some more info on her and as well as her past.

i kinda get all the hate going on with zebruh but like, personally (and this is just my opinion) i can't even take him seriously anymore lmao. and to be completely honest he's not the absolute worst troll to ever set foot on alternia, i just think everyone has their positives and negatives (but that's just me talking and i thoroughly respect your view on him).

now regarding classpects ! i remember someone said that ardata's aspect was space which i don't necessarily agree with but hey. azdaja might be a prince of mind, lemme explain.

as calliope states "a prince could be viewed as "one who destroys x, or causes destruction through x" if x is the aspect."

i think the latter definition suits adzaja better since he literally uses his mind powers to straight up damage/destroy his opponents in the tournament. in addition, princes tend to have a certain duality with their aspect , which i guess we can attribute that to the fact that konnyl (his "matesprit") and him appear to be in a fairly conflictous relationship as if his "heart" (the heart aspect is directly opposite to mind) is withdrawing himself from his heart and concentrating more on himself, or his mind quite literally (oh god i hope this makes sense).

princes also have an affiliation with "magic beams" according to this guide which regarding azdaja, are his psionic blasts.

he even literally mentions the term "prince" not once but twice during the game. but hey that's just my view on his character, perhaps i'm reading too much into it ??

so do you have any classpect theories on the new trolls ?

also, i wonder how the soleil twins' route is going to play out or marvus' for that matter he can text me anytime (is he the guy that appears early on in remele's route ? )

RE: Friendsim - Discussion on our new buddies!! - SpacedOutSylph - 09-17-2018 01:24 AM

I just really likes Polypa because she stood out to me from the start, and her route gave a lot of information regarding culture that I really wanted to see :D
Also, the fact that there are blood colors outside of the 12 is actually initially made canon by her! (She leaves a smear of purple blood on your hand in one of the bad ends, and it's much lighter than Eridan's :D)
Plus she's just a total bean to be honest

I do agree that Zebruh isn't the worst troll ever to set foot on Alternia, as far as what he does.

But he does TERRIBLE STUFF and acts all righteous about it and that's a personal pet peeve of mine idk XD

I think he might be a Sylph of Doom! So I guess in his defense he thinks he's doing the right thing....
It's still gross though and it makes me sad

As for Azdaja, I agree!

Here are some other ideas I've got on classpects!
Polypa- Bard of Breath
Lynera- Witch of Rage
Zebede- Page of Light
Tyzias- Seer(?) of Blood
Remele- Thief of Space

Lemme know if you want me to go in detail about any of those!

Also- yes, I think it was Marvus in Remeles route!

RE: Friendsim - Discussion on our new buddies!! - sinical - 09-17-2018 10:13 AM

hmmm... seer of blood for tyzias seems pretty accurate ! i was also thought of mage of blood as her title (perhaps that would better suit galekh) ??

bard of breath for polypa ? i would love to know more about that. 0u0

on the topic of theories, i actually have one in regards to the tetrarchs. the term "tetrarch" (tetra literally means four in latin) means four joint rulers. so maybe the four blood players not counting trizza (dammek, tyzias, galekh and stelsa) are the tetrarchs of the rebellion ?? after all blood players are, according to the extended zodiac "absolutely leaders". like i suppose this would make sense since dammek is confirmed to be one and if i'm not mistaken xefros at some point deliberately states that there are other tetrarchs in this as well.

also, does anyone remember when people used to leak the unreleased troll call cards ? ahh the good old times...

RE: Friendsim - Discussion on our new buddies!! - Alienoid - 09-17-2018 08:29 PM

Oh are we talking Hiveswap god tiers....... would anybody be interested in a survey mayhaps

RE: Friendsim - Discussion on our new buddies!! - sinical - 09-18-2018 05:42 AM

i took the survey and i gotta say, nice job on the sprites ?? like, they look pretty damn neat ! r e s p e c t

also i really enjoy the fact that you can see other people’s choices and not just your own. i’ll probably modify some of my answers later.

RE: Friendsim - Discussion on our new buddies!! - noOne - 09-18-2018 09:59 AM

I would love to join in on this chat but I don't know much about the trolls...

RE: Friendsim - Discussion on our new buddies!! - SpacedOutSylph - 09-18-2018 10:23 AM

That's okay, we can fill you in on any gaps, don't be afraid to participate :D