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Sburb/Sgrub AU RP Idea [Discord] - temperedTraveller - 08-31-2017 02:56 PM

I thought to make an AU RP.
I thought to make one that has been thought-out, had a decent enough backstory to it, and one that people who join in could help expand on.
Well, this was the result.

One United Session [Sburb/Sgrub AU]

RULES and GUIDELINES (updated as needed)
THE MEDIUM (and other game mechanics) (updated as needed)
Discord Server Invite >

Simple Form to fill out for character creation, both out of convenience and for organization's sake you can either post it here or on Discord.

Dream Moon:


RE: Sburb/Sgrub AU RP Idea [Discord] - RisingSuperstar - 09-02-2017 02:40 PM

Hi, this is Duki! Here is my stuff:

Name: Elacan Rocapt (His first name is chunked out of co"elacan"th, and the second is a little rearrangement of the coelacanth family, Sa"rcopt"erygii (just added an a and swapped the o))
Species: Troll (fuchsia blooded)
Age: 7.5 solar sweeps (about 16 years)
Gender: Male
Title: Prince of Life
Land: Land of Night and Dragons (LONAD)
Dream Moon: Prospit
Consorts: Purple Jackson's Chameleons
Denizen: Nix
Guardian: Glboglyb technically, but it's mostly a custodian fishdad, since he's not the main heir

RE: Sburb/Sgrub AU RP Idea [Discord] - temperedTraveller - 09-02-2017 02:44 PM

Instant acceptance.
Oooo prince of life~ (gonna go look up classpect stuff for that rn)
OOOOOOOO dragons! And nighttime! Bryn would looooooooove to visit his land for sure.

RE: Sburb/Sgrub AU RP Idea [Discord] - Cealvan - 09-03-2017 02:41 AM

so one question, how does a "dreamer" first learn of their abilities to (teleport?) to their land, and what not?

RE: Sburb/Sgrub AU RP Idea [Discord] - temperedTraveller - 09-03-2017 02:51 AM

(09-03-2017 02:41 AM)Cealvan Wrote:  so one question, how does a "dreamer" first learn of their abilities to (teleport?) to their land, and what not?

Good question, forgot to elaborate on that.
They first teleport to their land after prototyping their sprite once (haven't quiiite figured out how their sprite first appears/arrives just yet) and get their Entry Item (like John's apple). Once in their land they'd have to build something in order to go back, like a stationary two-way teleporter or a mobile one or something.
They'd first learn that they're a Dreamer either by one of the more minor powers popped up (crazy accurate internal clock for Time, etc) or that their sprite (before prototype, just a colored floating orb) shows up.

Hope this answers your question~.

And added~

RE: Sburb/Sgrub AU RP Idea [Discord] - Demiurge - 09-05-2017 05:12 PM

Name: Aquila Merake
Troll (violet blooded)
Age: 8 sweeps (around 17)
Gender: Female
Title: Thief of Void
Land: Land of Storms and Mirrors
Dream Moon: Derse
Consorts: Dark Blue Sting Rays
Denizen: Zeus
Guardian: Stralis (Sea Eagle)

RE: Sburb/Sgrub AU RP Idea [Discord] - temperedTraveller - 09-15-2017 10:08 PM

Forgot to update this. Sorry.
Accepted :33

Still accepting more people! The more the merrier!

RE: Sburb/Sgrub AU RP Idea [Discord] - Sir - 09-18-2017 02:52 PM

Name:: Kate Johnson.
Species:: Human.
Age:: 14 y.o.
Gender:: Female.
Title:: Knight of Heart.
Land:: Land of Flowers and Crystals; LOFAC.
Dream Moon:: Derse.
Consorts:: Salamanders.
Denizen:: Hedone.
Guardian:: MOM.

RE: Sburb/Sgrub AU RP Idea [Discord] - temperedTraveller - 09-18-2017 03:03 PM

Welcome to the mad house.

RE: Sburb/Sgrub AU RP Idea [Discord] - tumblryHugmaster - 10-24-2017 03:54 AM

(no one answered on discord yet so I'll ask again here ^^')

Can I add a Troll oc with a genetic disorder/albinism/white blood, eyes and hair?
If that's not the case I would just add an human oc.

If this is already closed then just say the word and I am gone :7