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Dirk's null session support group - captivatedBibliosoph - 05-15-2017 08:27 AM

((Potential triggers for this post include: survivors guilt. Let me know if there's anything else you think I should add.))

---- CURRENT timaeusTestified [TT] opened a memo on the board 'Dirk's null session support group.' ----

TT: Well, this is it.
TT: It's been about a year since everything went to shit.
TT: That is, assuming all the LOHAC clocks that have been floating around are still keeping time properly.
TT: Who am I kidding, of course they are.
TT: Not even the literal apocalypse can stop bro's clocks from keeping perfect time.
TT: That's been proven twice over at this point, and I've got first had accounts for both.
TT: As far as I can tell, I'm the only living person left in this session.
TT: I'm not really sure what happened to the survivors after the fight, and I'm actually not entirely sure I want to.
TT: If anyone is still around, I haven't seen them.
TT: All this empty glitched out space hasn't been good for much in the way of company.
TT: There's only so much one-sided conversation a fractured planet can take before it gets sick of your shit.
TT: It's almost like it was before the game started.
TT: Except somehow it manages to feel even more isolated than an apartment island in the middle of the ocean.
TT: At least before I had Roxy, Jake, and Jane.
TT: It's been a long year.
TT: I've had a lot of time to myself to think, and a few months ago I made a decision.
TT: A decision I'm quickly coming to regret, but I'm sticking to it anyways, because I promised myself I would do this if I ever got a chance.
TT: Now the glitches are finally drifting off past the Veil and into the Furthest Ring, and the Medium is clear enough that I can get a clear signal out.
TT: So here I am, reaching out to any of you other royally fucked people out there.
TT: Welcome to the support group.
TT: What went wrong for you?
TT: Me? I fucked up, plain and simple.
TT: This whole thing is my fault, and I don't think I'll ever forgive myself for that.
TT: But there's got to be other people out there, stuck in a null sessions halfway between an actual functioning game and a dream bubble.
TT: Maybe we can find a way out of this.
TT: Or maybe we can't, and were all just wasting out time here.
TT: I probably should have died along with my friends and weird ecto-parents, kids, whatever.
TT: Skaia must have known this whole session was doomed for failure, and yet here I am.
TT: It's a slim chance, but there might still be a way out of this.
TT: I'm determined to find it and set this right, for them.

((OCs, AUs, and cannon characters all welcome!))

RE: Dirk's null session support group - freeMiliu_2K01 - 05-15-2017 01:41 PM

---CURRENT unrealTenderness [UT] RIGHT NOW responded to memo---

UT: I understand what you're going through man.
UT: Greetings! I'm just your one of your resident fuck ups, nice to meet you.
UT: Here we are, having screwed up all of our coplayers to Oblivion. Good fucking job to us all, am I right?
UT: No matter how I try looking for the positives, like maybe there's an Alpha Timeline sometime when we don't royally screw everyone, I'm just here, filled with jealousy on my own much smarter self.
UT: I just hope my double death comes swiftly, or some shit like that.
UT: Anyways bro, what's your story?

RE: Dirk's null session support group - Cealvan - 05-17-2017 06:22 AM

---CURRENT ComputerTechy [CT] RIGHT NOW responded to memo---

CT: hey, saw this, and wanted to let you know that you are not alone
CT: you probably aren't the worst mess up out there.
CT: at least you are not stuck in a glitched timeline
CT: that you yourself soft locked.
CT: and now you are kinda the only person left who can move.
CT: but I totally deserve this after trying to break the game.
CT: this is how Skia has punished me.
CT: forcing me to watch the entire season replay the same three seconds over and over and over again, in a loop, with my just/heroic counter stuck in the middle.
CT: at least you got stuck there while trying to beat the game
CT: and not break it.
CT: this truly is torture.

RE: Dirk's null session support group - AncientE%cursion - 05-17-2017 09:06 AM

CURRENT perfectPankrator [CPP] RIGHT NOW responded to memo.
CPP: T]~[e great Kilius could not ]~[elp but notice t]~[is memo t]~[roug]~[ t]~[e twisted aftermat]~[ of our session!
CPP: T]~[at is w]~[y ]~[e ]~[as decided to offer ]~[is proverbial bosom to t]~[ose w]~[o wis]~[ to rest upon it and spill t]~[eir grievances to t]~[e air like a bag of winds!
CCP: It is bot]~[ Kilius' duty as a ]~[ig]~[blood and as a ]~[ero to offer ]~[imself as a firm beacon to t]~[ose grasping for a paragon!

RE: Dirk's null session support group - Cealvan - 05-18-2017 08:28 AM

CT: may I ask what the proverbial blossom has to say about attempting to break the game, to give yourself some choice, and so the game takes it all away from you?
CT: I don't mean to be a downer, but this is worse than groundhogs day. at least he could change things up and had an escape.
CT: but there's not much you can do in a three-second loop.
CT: and I'm pretty sure skia doesn't expect me to get out of this.

RE: Dirk's null session support group - captivatedBibliosoph - 05-18-2017 11:34 AM

TT: So, it turns out there are other massive fuck ups out there in Paradox Space. Who would've guessed it.
TT: In my case, I'm not entirely sure what exactly went wrong.
TT: I'd been transported out to the outer edge of the veil and was making my way back when, apparently, things took a turn for the worse, and that's putting it delicately.
TT: There are broken fragments of planets strewn all across the medium, like they were all smashed into one another.
TT: I don't know what could've caused this level of destruction, but I have a few ideas.
TT: Whatever it was, it's gone or dead now. All that's left is me.
TT: However hard it is for me to accept, this is our alpha timeline.
TT: This is, as Skaia knows it to be, the best possible outcome for our session within the starting parameters.
TT: Or at least, it was.
TT: Who knows, maybe some minor occurrence along the way pushed us off the path.
TT: I can't tell whether this is still the alpha timeline or if it's become just another doomed offshoot.
TT: I've never had the pleasure of being blighted with that particular ability, but right now I think it would be a welcome curse.
TT: I think this is Skaia's personal torment for me.
TT: Being surrounded by the remnants and reminders of my greatest failure, all the while unsure if it's the true ending or not.
TT: It's fitting, I think.
TT: Although, it doesn't matter either way, because as long as there's still a chance I have to keep trying.
TT: It looks like the first step forward from here would be to investigate the disappearance of LOWAS.
TT: All the other planets appear to have been smashed to pieces, with the exception of LOPAN which remains relatively untouched, but LOWAS seems to have vanished altogether.
TT: I'll keep you all updated as I discover more.
TT: Good luck, to us all.
TT: And, thanks.

RE: Dirk's null session support group - freeMiliu_2K01 - 05-18-2017 11:55 AM

UT: Yeah, I guess we better do that as well.
UT: It sucks really. It seemed like people got it a billion times worse than me, and yet here I was moping around without progressing anything significant.
UT: Not that there's anything left to progress in a timeline like this, considering that my timeline's coplayers are in a course towards death with me having fucked up.
UT: But whatever, I am making myself productive.

RE: Dirk's null session support group - Cealvan - 05-18-2017 12:39 PM

CT: ya, no progressing forward to me.
CT: anything I do to the anything inside the insensosphere resets in three seconds.
CT: the game has set up an invisible wall outside the insensoshpere.
CT: no amount of code that I could make, that would take place in less than three seconds could undo this.
CT: and I don't have a computer large enough anymore that could fix any of this.
CT: not even death can be an escape for me, as I have god tired, and my Heroic/just variable is stuck right in the middle, and so I still revive.
CT: I am in jail, presumably forever

RE: Dirk's null session support group - la devotee - 05-18-2017 07:46 PM

-- ?? gryffindorGrimalkin [GG] responded to memo. --

?GG: yo whats this
?GG: a group gathering for the unfortunate souls who ended up null n void
?GG: im assuming that u, orange text boi who opened the memo
?GG: are dirk?? judgin by the title of this
?GG: funny thing is i know some1 named dirk
?GG: but hey were here 2 talk abt how royally fucked up our sessions are
?GG: not on coincidential naming sessuons
?GG: *sessions
?GG: well i mean my session isnt rly as fucked up as you guyses are
?GG: sure i admit
?GG: our session was fucking cancer
?GG: (session and cancer are strictly friends dont take that literally)
?GG: but weve hard resetted n now were crossing a fucking "yard"
?GG: its been so long and i have no idea at all whats going to be left of us once we arrive
?GG: so yeah huzzah
?GG: piece of advice tho? dont blame yourselves for everything
?GG: if something happened that dooms evry1 then no one should go around giving the blame
?GG: chances are youre gonna end up killing one another because you think killing the other will be a good way to undoom yourselves
?GG: well uh unless all of you are dead
?GG: then idk what to say but im sorry 4 ur loss(es)
?GG: i didnt mean to sound douchey and condescending there btw
?GG: seeing your friends die is a terrible thing )):

RE: Dirk's null session support group - freeMiliu_2K01 - 05-19-2017 01:18 AM

UT: Alright so I was scrolling down this memo in hopes of being able to ignore this glitchy mess I'm in when I happen to see my name.
UT: So @GG, I have to assume you are an alternate universe Harley? Well at least considering you know a Dirk.
UT: It's worth noting cause I happen to also be named Dirk.
UT: And you're saying @TT here is one as well? Oh cool.
UT: No, never mind about that. There's nothing dope about our current situation, which we're still carrying the reality of.
UT: But please, do continue telling me about this @GG. It is really interesting seeing such difference between us despite basically being almost the same person as my brother. Its definitely not just a case of alternate timelines.
UT: I beg of you, I'd rather hear this than to silently focus on the aftermath of our session's game over.