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fanventure time!! (minor characters needed) - morbidlyOblivious - 12-25-2015 06:10 AM


NN: it's always beeN a huge goal of miNe to chaNge timeliNes aNd fix problems oN a huge scale.

this fansession is a little different from the others in that it's going to play out like the original homestuck: something big is going down across space and time, and it's going to take a lot of shenanigans to stop it. some people will just die, some others will go god-tier, and some will do other death-related things that advance the plot, but you know how it is with sburb/sgrub: none of this shit is gonna be permanent.

i need people who are willing to dedicate a lot of time to this. you don't need to be on every day, but you need to be present often enough to play your part in the story. if your character dies and it's been agreed that the death will last for a while, feel free to add a minor character of moderate relevance to spice things up a little.

this session will have:

4 kids [4/4]
4 human dancestors [4/4]
12 alternian trolls [12/12]
12 beforan trolls [12/12]
2 cherubs [2/2]
and an assortment of minor characters.

if you apply for a kid or a troll, you must also give information on their dancestor. minor character applications have no large guidelines, but you must make it clear what your character's purpose is and what they aim to do. be sure to check the ooc room often for updates!

[ link directory ]

you can contact any of my characters (ananya, clarence, and claribel) on pesterchum if you have it. their handles are on the sheet.

the plot is what you make it, people! you don't have to tell a mod before revealing your own little twist. also, this is turning out to be a really huge project, and it might actually make it to the end! there are still a lot of minor characters we'll need, though.


RE: oh look, it's another fansession. - Calamari - 12-25-2015 06:42 AM

Name: Nyarly Anroma
*Name Meaning: Nyarly- short for Nyarltholep, the messanger of the outer gods. Anroma is a shortened version of Andromeda, as in the galaxy.
Gender: Agender (Literally whatever, they're beyond the concept of gender.)
Screen Name: eldritchAcolyte (or with the GCAT rule, alteredAcolyte)
Caste/Hex: Purple|#631db4 (The canon hex of Gamzee's blood)
Personality: Nyarly is rather spacey, speaking in hushed tones and gentle whispers. This is portrayed in their quirk, placing ellipses following verbs. They serve the gods of the furthest ring, and although they would not be immune to exposure to their whispers, their highblooded status grants them resistance. They are a derse dreamer, and as such they must prove themselves a hero by helping and defending others with their powers. Nyarly has an altered form of chucklevoodoos, as they do not follow the subjuggulator cult. Instead, they have nychtokinesis, the control of shadows. This is useless for combat, but used the same way as standard chucklevoodoos would be used- for controlling members of the lower castes. Nyarly is also a little biased against lowbloods, finding them unsightly or unsettling. Nyarly also has a fear of most plants, so they eat a lot of meat, beans, and seafood.
Appearance: [Image: iCNtjQ5.png]
Symbol: Octopus
Symbol Meaning: Well, it's an octopus, but additionally tentacled animals are associated with Cthulhu and the eldritch.
Classpect: Witch of Light
Strife Specibus: whipKind
Modus: Whisper
*Theme Music: General | Grimdark? Or Tense at least. | Casual Chat
Land of...?: Shade and Ink
Consorts: Leaf-Tailed Geckos
Quest: Record history by manipulating the streams of ink.
Artifact: Glass Jellyfish
Anything else: They are literally based on HP Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos. Their Lusus is an Octosquid. Otherwise, not too much, if you have anymore questions let me know :0

Name: Kulthu Anroma
*Name Meaning: Kulthu- Cthulhu, the most popular and namesake of the Cthulhu mythos. Anroma is a shortened version of Andromeda, as in the galaxy.
Gender: Agender (Literally whatever, they're beyond the concept of gender.)
Screen Name: eruditeAscention (or with the GCAT rule, andromedasAscention)
Caste/Hex: Purple|#631db4 (The canon hex of Gamzee's blood)
Personality: A violent, maddeningly complacent troll. They go out of their way to interfere, destroying peace and silence, as well as outing secrets that should not be spoken. Kulthu acts like a generic scene kid, enjoying bright colorful fashion as well as talking about how random they are.
Appearance: They dress in bright colors for a troll, wearing a tanktop and a gem-shaped necklace. They wear odd headbands and do their hair in a bizarre manner, with many kinds of different dyes. I am in the process of spriting them I promise.
Symbol: Octopus
Symbol Meaning: Well, it's an octopus, but additionally tentacled animals are associated with Cthulhu and the eldritch.
Classpect: Bard of Light
Strife Specibus: whipKind
Modus: Whisper
Land of...?: Whispers and Haze
Consorts: Leaf-Tailed Geckos
Quest: Destroy the source of the haze, reveal the things hidden.
Artifact: Glass Jellyfish
Anything else: They are literally based on HP Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos. Their Lusus is an Octosquid.


OOC Name: Emile
OOC Pronouns: He/him
*Pesterchum: N/A
*Skype: Cyberdragoon314

RE: oh look, it's another fansession. - Wubba Lubba Dub Dub - 12-25-2015 07:39 AM

Name: Quin Tempore

Name Meaning: Quin is a unisex name, meaning intelligent. Tempore, loosely translated to English, means timeline.

Gender: Female. (Uses she/her pronouns.)

Screen Name: perseveringMonomaniac

Personality: Quin has a one-track mind. Once she has her mind set on an objective, she will allow little to stop her from following through on her initiative. However, she has enough reasoning skills to discern whether or not a certain objective is worth following through. Sometimes this leads to long periods of indecision. Socially, Quin is quite introverted. When she initially meets a person, she tends to be quite vague in her word choice and tries not to give too much emotional leeway. However, when she gets to know someone, her social demeanor switches quite dramatically.

Appearance: Dirty blonde hair, often left unkempt. Goldenrod eyes. She is 5'2 and weighs 110 pounds.
Visual ref- Dork.

Symbol: Alchemist's Flamel. (For those of you who aren't complete nerds, here's what the symbol looks like.)

Symbol Meaning: Fixing of the volatile. Basically, it means mending together unstable and indefinite things to make them stable and meaningful again. Think of it like tying up loose ends.

Classpect: Mage of Time.

Strife Specibus: Techkind.

Modus: Questing. (An objective must be completed to retrieve an item. Each item has a different quest that has to be completed to be earned. Each time an item is pulled out, the quest for that item gets harder and harder.)

Theme Music:||Strife- Spellingphailer's Science Blaster.||Grimdark(?)- Valve Orchestra/Mike Morasky's The Part Where He Kills You.||Traversing Dream Planet- Jody Talbot's Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy/Journey of The Sorcerer.||Casual Conversation- Toby "Radiation" Fox's Alphys.

Land of...?: Infinite Improbability and Animated Automatons.

Consorts: Automaton cats! Preferably with little hats and vests.

Quest: To repair the rogue AI, who's currently running the planet, to stop it from colliding said planet with the sun. This is accomplished by going through the underworkings of the planet and through the Improbability Chambers producing the planet's power to get to the main terminal, where the AI will most likely have some sort of final test set up.

Artifact: A surprisingly complicated model of Douglas Adams.

Anything else: Is a smol gay science nerd.


OOC Name: Science!
OOC Pronouns: She/her or he/him. Whichever you folks are more comfortable with.
Skype: ectoAlchemist

RE: oh look, it's another fansession. - morbidlyOblivious - 12-25-2015 07:46 AM

void's taken, but other than that, you're fine. just change the aspect and come join the ooc. uvu

accepted! come on in to the ooc when you're ready.

updated the app. whoops.

RE: oh look, it's another fansession. - lucidSynthesis - 12-25-2015 01:02 PM

Name: Alex Steele
*Name Meaning: Alex (Alexander) is Latinized from the Greek "Alexandros", which means "defending men" and prefigures his god tier; whereas "Steele" is merely a play on the word "steel" to insinuate durability and sturdiness.
Gender: Male
Screen Name: transcendetalScourge
Caste/Hex: #1ba38a
Appearance: Ayyy lookit me art
Age: 17 years
Symbol: A pair of wings
Symbol Meaning: His desire to take his own path through life and be free of restrictions and limitations
Dancestor Name: Ross Steele
Ancestor/Guardian Title: Dad
Classpect: Knight of Heart
Strife Specibus: Knifekind
Modus: Array
*Theme Music: Strife | Traveling a long distance (while fighting) | Going god tier and pursuing his Quest | Casual Chat
Land of...?: Land of Dreams and Illumination
Consorts: Turquoise caterpillars
Quest: To sing the Lullaby (must put the consorts to sleep through the insomnia caused by Yaldabaoth's light, thus causing them to cocoon and transform into butterflies)
Artifact: A heart
Anything else: Gaaaaaaay


OOC Name: Scoofs
OOC Pronouns: He/Him
*Pesterchum: lucidSynthesis
*Skype: alexander.captor

RE: oh look, it's another fansession. - morbidlyOblivious - 12-25-2015 02:27 PM

accepted! join the ooc when you're ready, friendo.

RE: oh look, it's another fansession. - Calamari - 12-25-2015 03:00 PM

Name: Bhut Jolokia
*Name Meaning: Literally another name for Ghost Pepper
Gender: Male
Screen Name: ghastlyCapsaicin
Hex: #9B2335
Personality: Bhut is a gentle child, raised in a home surrounded by most of his extended family, as is customary in his culture. As he was so close to his family, the eventual deaths of his grandparents and older relatives hit him hard. He gained a greater appreciation for life as it was, but also accepted the certainty that is death. Of course this also made him fear death, making him seem cowardly. He struggles with following rules, often following what was said and what was meant. Because of this he is often in trouble for simple mistakes.
Appearance: [Image: zIrqCKV.png] He is 5'8" tall and weighs about 147 pounds.
Age: 16
Symbol: Screaming pepper ghost
Symbol Meaning: He is literally based on ghost peppers and spicy.
Dancestor Name: Matt Jolokia
Ancestor/Guardian Title: Uncle
Classpect: Page of Doom
Strife Specibus: flmthrwrKind (Starts with a lighter, not a real flamethrower, don't worry.)
Modus: Scoville Modus
*Theme Music: TBA
Land of...?: Cataclysm and Specters
Consorts: Smoky moths
Quest: Bring the ghosts to terms with their deaths, and allow them to pass peacefully.
Artifact: Frying Pan
Anything else: Ace as hell. Also a gentle bean.


OOC Name: Emile
OOC Pronouns: He/Him
*Pesterchum: eldritchAcolyte
*Skype: Cyberdragoon314

RE: oh look, it's another fansession. - morbidlyOblivious - 12-25-2015 03:04 PM

accepted, buuuut he's subject to being bumped from the list if we get enough new human apps.

RE: oh look, it's another fansession. - The Ambassator - 12-26-2015 03:18 AM

Name Alcide Crophe

Name Meaning: Hercules

Gender: Male

Screen Name: ignorantWonderer

Caste/Hex: Cerulean

Personality: He is not the one for sitting around at home, waiting for somthing new to happen. He waits for no one, when he does all he can to be diffrent from everyone else. Beacuse he does belive that there is only one of him in the world, and ever will be.
He spends his time trying to prove he is diffrent. He explores and seeks adventure. He is as well stubberen and open minded.

Appearance: He is 6'8 , and his black hair is styled as a Fohawk, and ussually combed to the side with some bangs, as his hair is 5 inches long.
He normally wears his black long sleeve shirt, with his simble on the front, and black stretchy skinny jeans. As an exseptiom sometimes, he will wear a Cerulean (Color of his Blood) hoody.

Age: 7.2 sweeps

Symbol Meaning: Fighter/Hunter
Dancestor Name: Issaue Crophe
Ancestor/Guardian Title:The Wonderer
Lusus: Liger Dad
Classpect: Knight of Void
Strife Specibus: Knife kind
Modus: Action Modus
*Theme Music: Holiday- Green Day

Land of silk and webs
Consorts: Crocodile


OOC Name: The Ambassator
OOC Pronouns: Him/He
Wattpad- Grinny_Clawood
Kik- Neoski

RE: oh look, it's another fansession. - beauteousBloodshed - 12-26-2015 04:56 AM

Casine Minora
*Name Meaning:
Casine- a mixture of CANINE and CANIS, both meaning some sort of DOG. Minora- MINOR, his constellation.
Screen Name:
goodGuardian- a pun (or, rather, another inside joke) towards Jade's "good dog, best friend", but also a reference to his God Tier.
#803e00, Fudgeblood.
He is probably the most loyal, loveable little shit you'll ever meet. He is the exact OPPOSITE of what we call a troll. Some say he must have some sort of disability because of the way he is. He is pretty naïve and will believe anything you tell him, but only if he trusts you. He is susceptible to liars and tricksters, because if he likes them, then he'll stick by their side, no matter their alignment. He is very likely to run into danger, and get killed immediately if only he could protect his friends. Going off of what I believe his God Tier entails, in the beginning, he is literally like a puppy who needs guidance. Upon going God Tier, he will be the guardian, the sort of "leader of the pack", a sort of "guardian angel" for everyone, if you will. He is very, very energetic and lively. His interests include ATHLETICISM, mostly those sports of which have to do with SPHERICAL, often RUBBER balls. He also enjoys fantasizing about being in the EXECUTIVE FORCES of Alternia, pretty much a POLICEDOG, if you will. But alas, he is not a high enough caste.
I'll upload a ref, but he is about 5'0 tall, and weighs about 120 lbs. He is a very smol child for his age.
6.5 sweeps old.
Canis Minor.
Symbol Meaning:
"Little Dog".
Dancestor Name:
Fippus Minora.
Ancestor/Guardian Title:
"the Loyalist", he stayed loyal to the Empire during the uprising, instead of joining the Rebellion. Lowbloods despised the Loyalist. He worked with the tealbloods, and used his heightened senses to help them with certain cases and such.
a Barkbeast. Is usually referred to as "Fidodad", just because it sticks.
Heir of Hope.
Strife Specibus:
Oddly enough, he uses Bonekind. It's a bone he found outside of his hive, a very large femur of some sort that he uses as a blunt force. I can change this if need be.
Fetch modus- the desired item launches out of his card deck and he must fetch it. His lusus usually fetches it for him, though.
*Theme Music:
For his general theme, I'd say it's "The Grisworlds- Beware the Dog (autograf remix)", or Follow You- Rootkit remix. For a battle theme, I'd have to dwell on this. A joke theme could be Lesser Dog's theme from Undertale.
Land of Spirits and Motivation- a bright land where spirits- white human-esque looking figures- dwell, except they are all hiding in fear. The world is sorta dark, and all of the flowers of light are dying. If you want more on this and/or the quest, just ask!
Little snakes that like to hide in the flowers. They are baby blue/blue-ish/teal.
He has to motivate the spirits to come out from hiding and protect the land from death. They have to nurture and protect the flowers that provide light to the world, instead of being afraid of the dark and letting them die.
A chewtoy. A very bland chewtoy, at that. He was kind of disappointed.
Anything else:
He's not one for caliginous romance. In dire need of a moirail. A matespriteship with him would definitely be adorable. I'll upload a ref whenever I can!



Name: red anon
OOC Pronouns:
Female, please.
I do not have one.
dayv.stirder, I probably won't respond unless you tell me who you are beforehand, sorry.