MSPA profile settings
Make sure to visit the user personalisation settings to set up your profile. Other than the obvious (classpect, Dream moon, etc.), you can also customise how the boards should be rendered (including choice in font and margin width). Your settings will determine the layout of your profile and your echeladder, and reflect in replies across the boards.

For optimal results, your avatar should be a .gif or .png file with a transparent background (e.g. talksprite style).

User banners and badges are determined by their dream moon and gender preferences. Celestial signs (spirograph by default) are shown next to posts and on user profiles:

[Image: YlvnUdx.png] [Image: LI8QnUO.png]

You can manually set your handle acronym from your profile. If unset this will automatically be generated from your username following MSPA guidelines (so userName would be UN, etc.):

[Image: VIdTbhF.png]

Setting your class and aspect will not only personalise your profile in terms of appearance, but also the rungs of your echeladder (echeladder rungs/boondollars are earned by posting in the forums).

[Image: H8kOoav.png]

[Image: RJ02w6q.png]
(click images to enlarge)

Classpects will also appear next to posts, indicating whether the user in question is currently online (aspect symbol lit up and in colour) or offline (aspect symbol greyed out). The current echeladder rung is displayed below user titles:

[Image: Ey0IJnU.png]

Your profile also displays your accumulated grist cache. Forum grist is independent from echeladder rank and can be earned through participating on the boards in a variety of vaguely specific ways. What ways you ask?

[Image: qMesj5O.png]

If your profile is starting to look cluttered, or you simply want to hide away your pRecIOUS, you can choose which grist types to display on your profile from your Grist cache settings in your User CP.