Board display options
Go to the user personalisation settings to change your settings.

Board layout width handles how the board should adapt to wide windows or displays to maintain a readable column width. Note that this setting does not affect smaller window sizes or widths.

[Image: ZiD5N10.png] [Image: 2eACdPN.png] [Image: D2WCGgN.png]
(Narrow | Medium (default) | Wide; on 1920px with default dpi)

Font size adjustment affects how small label text should be rendered (without affecting regular text):

[Image: HI10oSn.png] [Image: LEC8GbT.png] [Image: VMzuPGt.png]
(Normal | Larger | XLarge)

Default font family allows you to set the font used by the boards to your liking. Options include the layout default and alternate as well as msparp forum 'classic' and msparp forum 'classic x2 combob'/mspa style. There may also be another choice but shhh.

[Image: IvTAwb8.png] [Image: odptp8p.png] [Image: RPQ9lNT.png] [Image: zSNvwbb.png]
(Default | Ubuntu | MSPA | MSPA bold)

Time format determines whether board time stamps and ages are rendered in human or troll friendly formats:

[Image: TMvhTE5.png] [Image: mkhxWa5.png]
(Years (default) | Sweeps)

Last but not least, cursors allows you to pick whether the boards should use default system cursors or be navigated with sburb/sgrub navigational implements for that last bit of flavour.

You can choose to disable high resolution layout adaptations (enabled by default) if browsing via old hardware with limited support or slow mobile connections.

Difference illustrated here (warning: large images):

If you find the flashing rainbow text tag to be distracting or uncomfortable, you can disable it either selectively or globally via the following setting:

[Image: 6hiWdUw.png]