Tagging groups in Group Connections
When opening a new memo in the relevant sections, you should see the following options when writing your post:

[Image: d4i9NMh.png]

You can choose to tick any combination of these boxes to specify the type of group chat you/your group is running to make it easier to find. The available categories are:

Canon: This group allows canon characters.
OC: This group allows original characters.
Fandom: This group is based on a specific fandom, or is a crossover (e.g. gemstuck).
AU: This chat takes place in an Alternate Universe setting.
(S)cript: This chat allows or prefers script-style roleplay.
(P)aragraph: This chat allows or prefers paragraph-style roleplay.

These tags will show up next to your memo title in the board listing, and can be used to quickly look for specific types of chats. On the board listing, you will notice the filter box:

[Image: DFB39Bf.png]

Selecting any of the boxes here and clicking "Go" will limit the displayed memos to those matching your selected criteria. If you need a refresher on what each tag means, you can tap/hover over the question mark and it will helpfully tell you. Additionally, you can click on any of the tag prefixes displayed within the memo or the board listing to filter for that specific tag.

You can go back and edit your original post to add or change tags retroactively.