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Date of Entry. 03-26-2015    

Date of Birth. 05-24-1994 (25 years old)  

Local Time. 09-23-2019 at 07:06 AM

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West Alternia .Location

Date of Entry. 03-26-2015
Date of Birth. 05-24-1994 (25 years old)
Local Time. 09-23-2019 at 07:06 AM
Gender. Other
Location. West Alternia

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> What the HELL is THAT?

Oh that? That huge, grotesque painting of one of your neighbors having their inards become outards on their hive? Or the grubby little troll behind it? Your name is Conime Eyolze and you are 8.13 solar sweeps of age, and money certainly won't be sprouting from the trees any time soon, hence the unnerving picture. Not that the whole age part of that is too important though, as a lowblood your life expectancy isn't too high even without highbloods leaking their think pans from their sound holes and onto their weapons, so keeping track of how old you are doesn't even reach the top ten of your priorities. But ANYWAYS, back to whatever the heckie that thing you made was all about. As it was made clear by how detail was put into every speck of blood that splatters the wall, your somewhat of an artist. Or much rather some sort of con artist. Kind of. You don't know, nor do you really care, all you are really aware of is that you need to bring in the boons, so if creating portaits of dead fellowmightyouadd lowbloods on the side of hives until they literally pay you to stop is the way to go, then so be it. Other than "forcing" (you'd like to say presuading, but) other people into giving you some cash, you do have a couple hobbies that aren't illegal. You like art (duh) and sometimes art of different forms, collecting any cool dead things you might happen across, and maybe even some cool things that aren't exactly dead yet that you purposefully happen across. On top of that you also enjoy talking to your handful of silly friends who you question why on Alternia they still even hang around your sorry rumble spheres, but you figure it's their loss, really. One last enjoyable thing you do with them though is FLARPing, and though you wouldn't admit to on the spot you're a total badass at. Or in the very least see yourself as a bad ass in it. I mean, your character is this cool rebel techie gal with a spaceship, and who wouldn't want that? Your lusus, a twoheaded meowbeast with a poor sense of humor, also tends to hop along on any adventure you may partake in while FLARPing, but seeing as she does support you and kind of keep you alive you don't mind too much.
Your trolltag is ghostyArtisian and you speak by matching it up a little bit with yoour lusus, dooubling up any oo's ^*w*^ ^*w*^
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