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Date of Entry. 02-07-2015    

Date of Birth. 02-03-1993 (25 years old)  

Local Time. 11-15-2018 at 10:18 AM

    Aquarius .Sign

  Female .Gender

Hell .Location

Date of Entry. 02-07-2015
Date of Birth. 02-03-1993 (25 years old)
Local Time. 11-15-2018 at 10:18 AM
Gender. Female
Location. Hell

> the return.. 
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♔ the real OG ♔

» д Т ι α ₷ «

♔ not really though ♔

Forums User: View Young Woman

You do not want to view it! The edge is far too strong!

Forums User: Fine. BE The Young Woman.

Well that's not much better — but it's a start. What now, genius face?

==> Enter Name

Your name is ATLAS. You have a variety of interests — most of which are terrifyingly dorky and almost completely inexcusable for someone your age. For example, your UNDILUTED LOVE OF CARTOONS. You hold a particular fondness for STEVEN UNIVERSE, GRAVITY FALLS, and STAR vs THE FORCES OF EVIL. You used to DABBLE WITH ADVENTURE TIME, but have LONG SINCE MOVED ON. You also enjoy the OCCASIONAL VIDEO GAME. Being the COMMON INTERNET RECYCLABLE that you are, you have obviously played your fair deal of things like YANDERE SIMULATOR and UNDERTALE. The latter is almost PURELY FOR ANGST AFTERWARDS and the first. Well. You like to kill video game characters in ways that would likely get you sent to a therapist but HEY MOVING ON — Did you mention therapists? That reminds you! You are currently in COLLEGE. When you finish college, you PLAN ON BECOMING A THERAPIST. You have an UNCANNY ABILITY TO LISTEN TO AND HELP FIX PERSONAL PROBLEMS. Your CLOSE FRIENDS AND FAMILY JOKE THAT YOU WILL GET FIRED FOR ACCIDENTALLY ROASTING SOMEONE. You hope this doesn't happen, but it would be RATHER FUNNY IN A DISAPPOINTING WAY. You would like to WRITE A BOOK someday, and have MANY UNFINISHED IDEAS LAYING AROUND. These poor creations are VICTIMS OF YOUR MERCILESS PROCRASTINATION AND PESSIMISM. Maybe you'll actually GET SOMETHING DONE ONE DAY. However, this is VERY UNLIKELY.

If you were to to PLAY SBURB, something stupid that you would actually be very likely to do out of curiousity, you would probably be a MAGE or PAGE OF DOOM. You have A LOT OF POSSIBLE CLASSPECTS, but THESE TWO FIT BEST. Your GO-TO THIRD is SYLPH OF BLOOD, though you secretly know you're MORE OF A MAGE OR MAID IN THAT DEPARTMENT. You think you would make a PRETTY NIFTY VOID PLAYER, but according to a test, YOU HAVE MORE LIGHT TRAITS. All in all, your MAIN ASPECTS would be DOOM and BLOOD. Your MAIN CLASSES would be MAGE and MAID. You are a DERSIAN DREAMER. You very firmly believe that PROSPIT IS FOR LEMONS.

# derse represent




Atlas's Grist Cache
Build grist
Required for constructive collaboration. Use it well?
Beautiful structures and patterns secreted by countless polyps over millennia. It is said that holding it up to your ear the whispering of the outer gods can be heard.
Common in sedimentary rocks such as shale, the sheer versatility of quartz and its mystical associations make it a cornerstone in alchemical crafting.
A lime rich solution, used as a filler for waterproofing. A lifesaver and treasured commodity not only on rainy days.
An infamously attr8ctive shade of blue, cobalt is the name of the game for aaaaaaaall the stylish gear and kit; enterprising buccaneer or otherwise.
Drops of fossilised resin bearing record of travails of eras long gone by, treasured for their beauty.
Prerequisite for the Punch Designix and advanced crafting, shale is an essential for any prolific alchemist.

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