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Date of Entry. 12-04-2014    

Date of Birth. 09-19-1994 (25 years old)  

Local Time. 08-15-2020 at 12:01 AM

    Virgo .Sign

  Female .Gender

Land of Frost and Marshes .Location

Date of Entry. 12-04-2014
Date of Birth. 09-19-1994 (25 years old)
Local Time. 08-15-2020 at 12:01 AM
Gender. Female
Location. Land of Frost and Marshes

> Panel edits give me life. 
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Pesterchum: hariolateHistoricism
Tumblr: v-0-i-d-e-d
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Hey, I'm cool and I make fanventures! :0

Also THANK YOU!!! To StarlightEnchantress for those sick nasty talksprites of Poppet and Stel! They're gorgeous!!!

A more Homestuck-esque introduction:

> Enter Name
> Condescending Know-It-All

Nice try, tell me something I don't know, asshat.

Your name is VOID, and you are around 11 SWEEPS OLD. You are currently a member of MSPARP, and have been since late 2014, and in that time, you have BECOME A BIG DEAL, and fallen into obscurity. Such is the life of a Void player. You live in the Land of Frost and Marshes, and actually enjoy living there.

Your interests include ART, ANIMATION, SCI-FI, GOTH CULTURE, CLASSIC BOOKS, CROCHET, D&D, HISTORY, and EVENTS CANONICAL OR OTHERWISE. While you have begun to drift from MSPARP, and have thoroughly suffered through homestuck (you've done your time, approximately 9 years of it!) you enjoy occasionally roleplaying your OCs with your friends. You have a few close friends on MSPARP (most of them are on discord)- You hold their friendships very high in your HEART, and you consider them to be A PART OF YOUR EXTENDED FAMILY- especially in the sense of a sibling (Piney), or just a plan ol' great friend (Fubar). Offline, however, you were studying to become a NURSE, until LIFE got in the way.

You are a canon KNIGHT OF VOID, meaning you PROTECT YOURSELF with OBSCURITY or THE UNKNOWN. You are a VIRGO, and as such, your patron is Kanaya- while you may be on the CUSP of Virgo and Libra, you find yourself actually leaning towards Roxy or Dirk for your roleplaying ventures. But of course, your absolute favorite character to roleplay as, is SPADES SLICK. You identify with him in some pseudo-stabtific way that you simply can not PUT A FINGER ON.

The chumhandle you most frequently go by is hariolateHistoricism, and you share this handle with one of your oldest OCs, LACILE. Your typing style varies between Serious and proper- with punctuation and capitalization abound, or completely lower case where you dont give a fuck and might use compound words and the local vernacular, like 'dope', and 'fire'. This is most like your speaking style, and you only really default to it when you're around your friends or close acquaintances.

Void's Grist Cache
Build grist
Required for constructive collaboration. Use it well?
A lime rich solution, used as a filler for waterproofing. A lifesaver and treasured commodity not only on rainy days.
Beautiful structures and patterns secreted by countless polyps over millennia. It is said that holding it up to your ear the whispering of the outer gods can be heard.
Common in sedimentary rocks such as shale, the sheer versatility of quartz and its mystical associations make it a cornerstone in alchemical crafting.
Glinting mysteriously, it fades if exposed to strong light. Amethyst was historically believed to protect against inebriation and clouding of the mind.
Revered by consorts and carapacians alike for its properties of magical inscription and use in creating highly informative murals. It is also said to be positively delicious.
A naturally rare gemstone seeming to shine with an inner warmth, said to smooth discord and impart positivity and balance within group dynamics.
A magnificent source of not only energy but also gratuitous irradiation. Simply a girl's best friend.
Drops of fossilised resin bearing record of travails of eras long gone by, treasured for their beauty.
Siliceous matter deposited in cavities or fissures in volcanic rock. Deeply layered, curious patterns impart a palpable sense of the ardour and time involved in its formation.
Sturdy and reliable, nothing beats steel for the most serious of constructive materials. Distantly a hat is tipped in fatherly approval.
Prerequisite for the Punch Designix and advanced crafting, shale is an essential for any prolific alchemist.
A classy mainstay in sculpture and refined construction. Superficially permeable to light, few materials can claim to catch the same shimmer, or look as lively and elegant as marble.
An infamously attr8ctive shade of blue, cobalt is the name of the game for aaaaaaaall the stylish gear and kit; enterprising buccaneer or otherwise.
A heavy, malleable material with a chrome-silver lustre. Imbued with great impact and magical stability lead is a treasured resource, although great care must be taken due to its potential toxicity.

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