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Date of Entry. 04-05-2014    

Date of Birth. 08-21-1995 (24 years old)  

Local Time. 05-26-2020 at 09:11 PM

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Land of Frost and Bloom .Location

Date of Entry. 04-05-2014
Date of Birth. 08-21-1995 (24 years old)
Local Time. 05-26-2020 at 09:11 PM
Gender. Other
Location. Land of Frost and Bloom

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Hey there! You can call me Raleigh. Probably won't be active here much anymore. Had some great times with all of you.
risibleMiscreant's Grist Cache
Build grist
Required for constructive collaboration. Use it well?
Prerequisite for the Punch Designix and advanced crafting, shale is an essential for any prolific alchemist.
Deep red iron-rich pigment, said to embody the lifeblood spent fighting for a greater cause.
An invaluable alchemical resource, literally worth its weight in gold. Whatever that means for a technically weightless game abstraction. Don't question it, you're welcome.
Glinting mysteriously, it fades if exposed to strong light. Amethyst was historically believed to protect against inebriation and clouding of the mind.
Cruxite (purple)
An unspent dowel of cruxite, able to be carved into anything in conjuction with a totem lathe. The potential is limitless.
Brilliantly refractive, and D3C4D3NTLY red, garnets such as pyropes never fail to liven up a situation. >;]
Believed to be the mythological grubsauce of the gods themselves, ambrosia is rumoured to not only render you impervious to death but bestow powers unlike any ever seen before.
Cruxite (black)
An unspent dowel of cruxite, able to be carved into anything in conjuction with a totem lathe. The potential is limitless.
Drops of fossilised resin bearing record of travails of eras long gone by, treasured for their beauty.
Typically formed at seafloors at great distance from light, its formation provides energy sources for pockets of life in non-volcanic hydrothermal vents. Its significant amount of bound water makes serpentinite an effective neutron shield.
An infamously attr8ctive shade of blue, cobalt is the name of the game for aaaaaaaall the stylish gear and kit; enterprising buccaneer or otherwise.
A lime rich solution, used as a filler for waterproofing. A lifesaver and treasured commodity not only on rainy days.
Beautiful structures and patterns secreted by countless polyps over millennia. It is said that holding it up to your ear the whispering of the outer gods can be heard.

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