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Lady leprechaun and terrible artist

Date of Entry. 07-08-2017    

Date of Birth. Hidden (19 years old)  

Local Time. 11-18-2017 at 02:54 AM

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Date of Entry. 07-08-2017
Date of Birth. Hidden (19 years old)
Local Time. 11-18-2017 at 02:54 AM
Gender. Female
Location. Felt Mansion

> I can't think of anything creative :( 
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Homepage: http://picsart.com/thefeltstuff
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Pesterchum: fem!Matchsticks [11]
Additional Info About feltandmidnightcrewstuff
I'm Erin and I'm an autistic artist who still plays with toys and loves The Felt and The Midnight Crew. I also like leprechauns, carapacians and Problem Sleuth

I am female, so please use she/her and nothing else. I am asexual, so I have no romantic love with anyone. Please don't date/fall in love with me, I don't want your crap!

My muses are all members of The Felt, Midnight Crew, certain carapacians and Problem Sleuth characters. I don't really like to RP as anyone else. If you want me to RP as a Felt member of your choice, I can. Please, only members of The Felt, Midnight Crew, Problem Sleuth, fan leprechauns and carapacians. That means no other characters in Homestuck

I'm really friendly, caring and love to draw, make things and take requests and art trades but please no commissions, they cost money and you will NOT see me ask for them. I'm a fair person and want to give you all free requests and art trades

I try to make friends and try hard not to be annoying. I don't mean to annoy people and I can't help it. Please do not say mean things about me and my obsession with The Felt. It hurts my feelings and the Intermission is my favorite part of the webcomic. Do feel free to PM me and talk to me about stuff. I'd like that very much!

If you have negative comments about me, please do not add them to the reputation! Just keep it to yourselves! Nobody wants to hear negative crap about others. I am sensitive, fragile and get hurt easily. People used to treat me badly all the time so please don't be the same

Intermission ships/friendships I support:
Trace/Fin (friends)
Clover/Clubs Deuce (friends)
Clover/Quarters (Clover sees Quarters as a father-figure)
Die/Crowbar (friends)
Die/Gulaabee (my Feltsona)
Matchsticks/Quarters (friends)
Quarters/Sweet (my OC)
Spades Slick/Ms Paint
Clubs Deuce/Hearts Boxcars (Deuce also sees Boxcars as a father-figure)
Problem Sleuth/Hysterical Dame
Ace Dick/Clubs Deuce/Clover
Pickle Inspector/Nervous Broad
Mobster Kingpin/Madame Mural

No ships for Stitch or Diamonds Droog yet (no I'm not gonna ship these two cuz I don't think they have anything in common. But I like these two though)

Other sites I'm on
Main PicsArt: https://picsart.com/thefeltstuff
For Intermission sprites: https://picsart.com/intermissionsprites
PicCollage: https://www.pic-collage.com/users/23256692
My GC: https://msparp.com/thefeltandmc
I'm also on MSPABooru as feltandmidnightcrewstuff
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Beautiful structures and patterns secreted by countless polyps over millennia. It is said that holding it up to your ear the whispering of the outer gods can be heard.
A lime rich solution, used as a filler for waterproofing. A lifesaver and treasured commodity not only on rainy days.

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I'm a member of The Midnight Crew ♠