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Date of Entry. 12-22-2015    

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Date of Entry. 12-22-2015
Date of Birth. Hidden (22 years old)
Local Time. 07-04-2020 at 05:48 AM
Gender. Female
Location. Land of Caves and Harmony

> Compile a comprehensive Mindfang roleplay guide. This is a taller order than you anticip8ed, though not by much. 
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A huge fan of the dancestors and ancestors, and avid Kankri, Signless, and Dolorosa roleplayer.

(I say this again at the bottom, but don't feel pressured to message me exclusively about homestuck! I'll try to be here to talk and while I try not to talk too much about myself via msparp, I'm always glad to listen.)

Every now and then I'll infodump canon facts on you guys. Tbh my pride and joy is probably still this guide covering (hopefully) every single thing you need to know about the alpha trolls as a whole, and I'm working on a similar ancestors one, though that might prove a little harder. If you're curious about the d/ancestors, you know who to call!

Basically, I'm either on here replying to ALL THE THINGS or I'm not online at all, I apologize for being so sporadic. That said, I apologize for ever so often cluttering the memos; if I'm ever just talking too much in your memo or in general sincerely do let me know and I'll back off. I get carried away - which I don't tend to see as a problem, but other people might and I 100% respect that.

I always flake out on long term rps, and always attempt them anyway, and really just have no excuse. Thank you so much to those of you who hear with me anyway.

And as a side note, I have all the theories. All of them. Talk to me about Homestuck theories I'm so here for that. And Hiveswap! I've recently adopted Xefros Tritoh, thank you for asking, he's doing well. We're all proud of him.

Actually, talk to me in general! If you need anything I'll try to be here as much as I can.

Just for reference, I roleplay as:
Kankri Vantas
The Signless
The Dolorosa
Marquise Spinneret Mindfang
Her Benevolent Radiance, and
Pearl (Steven Universe)

I'm working on improving at:
The Psiioniic, and
The Summoner
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Required for constructive collaboration. Use it well?
A lime rich solution, used as a filler for waterproofing. A lifesaver and treasured commodity not only on rainy days.
Revered by consorts and carapacians alike for its properties of magical inscription and use in creating highly informative murals. It is also said to be positively delicious.
Prerequisite for the Punch Designix and advanced crafting, shale is an essential for any prolific alchemist.
Sturdy and reliable, nothing beats steel for the most serious of constructive materials. Distantly a hat is tipped in fatherly approval.
Beautiful structures and patterns secreted by countless polyps over millennia. It is said that holding it up to your ear the whispering of the outer gods can be heard.
Common in sedimentary rocks such as shale, the sheer versatility of quartz and its mystical associations make it a cornerstone in alchemical crafting.
An infamously attr8ctive shade of blue, cobalt is the name of the game for aaaaaaaall the stylish gear and kit; enterprising buccaneer or otherwise.

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A walking choo choo catastrophe striving for horizontal width longening.
aight check it - Broadwaytier's looking for new talent!