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Board Contains New Replies Missed Connection
Did you miss someone due to a disconnect while roleplaying? Post about them here and maybe, just maybe, you might just be re-united with your long lost roleplay buddy.
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781 1,022 Dirk in search of a bar o...
02-17-2019 01:38 PM
Board Contains New Replies One on One Connections
Looking for an RP Partner to roleplay with on your own terms? Then look no further, for chances are your future RP buddy is here.
995 4,362 wow hey rp with me (i lov...
03-21-2019 11:20 AM
by Siline Xrinar
Board Contains New Replies Group Connections
Preparing a group roleplay for some event or form of major interaction, whether for the sake of some light-hearted shenanigans or something more serious? Come over here.
1,772 19,305 ₳ ₲₳₥Ɇ ₩ⱧɆⱤɆ ł₮'₴ ₭łⱠⱠ ØⱤ...
03-12-2019 06:29 AM
by melodicReaper
Board Contains New Replies Alternate Connections
A place to share information about other RP Forums, Pesterchums, RP Tumblrs, and any other method of roleplaying you can find that is related to Homestuck.
03-09-2019 04:18 AM
by melodicReaper