Full Version: Parasitic Infection! [Apocalyptic AU]
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How young can a character be?
Most likely 10, at the youngest. - CharaMod
Also, Bump~
Character Name: Callio Vitgra.
Age: Nineteen.
Height: 5'8"
Group: Survivour.
Location: New York City.
Reference Picture: In my name.
Preferred Weapon: Because she doesn't want to risk infection, she only carries around her brass knuckles to fight those who aren't. Uses a dinged up metal baseball bat for encounters with the infected.
OOC Name: Jesse / Slime.
Pronouns: He / They.
Contact Info: My PMs are always open.
Tumblr: spicysalamander
Skype: angeredalligator

Favorite Food: I'm gonna assume you're asking OOC. I really like sweets tbh.
Paragraph RP Example: (Because I'm lazy I'm using one a wrote up a looong time ago. Hope you don't mind it isn't even for Callio rip it's for dave stride.)
Character name: Bella Oaks
Age: 11
Ooc Name: Emily.
Height: 159cm
Group: Survivor.
Location: New York.
Reference picture:
Preferred weapon: A crowbar
Pronouns: She/Her
Contact Info: Pm
Favorite food: Noodles c:
Paragraph rp example: Bella was playing a certain carnival game where you had to get 3 balls into a tub without any falling out to win the prize. The tubs were on an angle, so throwing the ball in is a difficult procedure that must be executed precisely. Bella concentrated on the technique, not focusing on the many flashing lights and loud voices swarming around her like a blanket of noise. She threw her last ball, the first two landing in thanks to her steady hand and technique, and the ball hits the top of the inside of the bin, bouncing of the top and landing right beside her second ball. She jumped up and celebrated her success. She picked a large teddy bear, hugging it as she is mesmerized by it's luch softness, it's beautiful detail. She smiled at the booth owner, and walked away with her family to go on some rides.
Both are accepted! -Mod MTT
Hey! ModChara here, let it be known that once you apply, you must be in the roleplay within three days of the reply. You have three days warning of inactivity, and while it is three days, be sure you know that events will take place, new ones daily some times! Be sure to come in if you have already made an application, as you will be removed in the next 24 hours.
Hey people,ModMetta here! We are open for rp and stuff! Just come on in and try out. c:
bumping this aGAIN
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