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Welcome new patron, to the lovely world known as Fallout!
Here you'll meet many-a-folk, including(but not limited to);
Humans, Half Humans,
Ghouls, Mutants,
Super Mutants, Synths,
Robots, and many-many more!
Come on down folks, it's a chance of a life time,
to rummage around abandoned(or otherwise) vaults,
to discover new lands that (human)eyes have never seen,
and to make new friends(or enemies) with the locals!
You'll never have another opportunity like this
(because you'll probably be dead from radiation)!


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Name: Rose Lalonde
Age(if from vault, write 'looks [age]'): 21
Height/Weight: 5'3, about 130lbs
Home(if from vault, write vault number): Diamond City
Race: Human
Ref/Description: Welp
Job/Profession: Doctor.
Skills(make sense of them, and don't be OP): Obviously trained in medicine and science, but bartering and lock picking as well.
Relationships(?): tba
Name: TT-V2 or "Hal Strider"
Age: 25
Height/Weight: 6'2" / 280 lbs
Home: Diamond City
Race: Synth
Ref/Description: Android Abs
Job/Profession: Fence, Mechanic, gun for hire
Skills: Not entirely certain what to put here, but skills involving Perception, Endurance, Intelligence, and Agility would be Hal's strong suits
Relationships(?): None
Name: Oliver Harris
Age: 20
Height/Weight: 5'8" / 170 lbs
Home: A shack in the wasteland, a few miles from Diamond City.
Race: Human.
Job/Profession: Professional scavenger/survivalist. Sells worthwhile things to shops/people and such.
4 8 9 3 3 2 1
He has been living in the wasteland for ages, so he understands how to live off the land and where the best trash heaps are. He is decent in combat, though he prefers to stray away from hurting other people, ghouls and mutants are free game, though! He is proficient with explosives, which he primarily uses to blow up trash heaps, and he has excellent survival skills so making food or poisons and such from plants are a breeze to him.
Relationships: Nope, unless something blossoms between this dude and someone else, though probably not.
ThEsE RuLeS ArE ReEeEaAaLlY CaRrYiNg oN

((Hello! Apologies if Fallout canon characters aren't allowed.))

Curie (Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer)

Age(if from vault, write 'looks [age]'):
~210 but looks 22.

5'6ft and 123lbs

Home(if from vault, write vault number):
From Vault 81, now Sanctuary.

((FO4 Companion spoilers!))


Nurse, researcher and explorer.

Skills(make sense of them, and don't be OP):
3 7 3 4 9 4 6
She is very knowledgable in pre-war tech (Computers and medical machines, mostly.), aswell as medicine. She holds herself up as well as she can in combat but is very much keen on avoiding it. Her delicate touch is as efficient in surgery as it is in lockpicking.

(^not necessary^)

ThEsE RuLeS ArE iNdEeD CaRrYiNg oN.
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