Full Version: Undertale RP
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1. General chat rules. No being rude OOC, IC is fine if your character is like that. Don’t think that just because I’m not around when an argument happens means that there won’t be punishments handed out
2. Don’t force others to fight if they don’t want to, please. Fighting NPC monsters the protagonist would usually run into is alright as well.
3. OOC is allowed but don’t let it get the RPing off track
4. Human OCs and Monster OCs, also Monster OCs from species in the game are GREAT! Please no using super bright colors, it hurts the eyes! If your character has a bright color please lower it for the sake of everyone else’s eyes.. Thanks a bunch!
5. Shipping is OK! As long as nothing is forced NSFW is allowed, but don’t turn this into a whorehouse.
So far only Flowey is taken
Bumps for early morning peeps
So in the sight of missing and lack of people it should be brought up that we need the peeps.
i would join but i do not know Anything about undetale
Bumps cause we seriously need a papyrus
TongueI sure would love too, if I ain't late! As my user suggests, I love Muffet and to role play as her. I can also do any other character EXCEPT Chara, as I just refuse to since I no liek genocide runs.
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