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Enjoy your stay at sburb hotel.

~ Story~

One afternoon you get an odd phone call. You won a free stay at a rather exclusive hotel normally used for rather Rich and famous people. At first you think it's a scam but the next week they send you a package with u your room key and pictures of the lounge and your master suit. You end up going. Once you arrive with everyone else things take a turn for the worse. The hotel is everything you had hoped it would be, except. You can't leave. You can walk around the grounds of the hotel but you can't leave the property even if you could it would be miles of woods which would be rather difficult to navigate. When you finally make it to your room an intercom relays that the 4th and 5th floor hallways are off limits at night as are the servants corridors.

~lay Out~
This hotel is massive with five floors not including the basement. What's in the basement? Only the most exclusive club/ bar ever called 'the magic 8' Loud music blast from inside and drinks are handed out by the dozen for free even. The girl who runs this place doesn't know what's going on herself just that she has been trapped here for a long time.

~ characters~
I will allow
3 butlers.
3 maids.
1 other bar owner. Vriska is already the main one.
Everyone else must be visitors for this too work.

1) don't be a dick in ooc.
2) keep it canon for now. If we get enough canon then I will allow oc's.
No doubles and no genderbents.
3) no forced shipping or ship bashing.
4) don't kill someone without their admins specific permission.
5) this is humanstuck keep it human.
6) enjoy yourself in this creepy hotel.
You will be here for a while.


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