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X-Men AU!!
"X-Mansion". A mansion made for the gifted Students of the world. Those who have inhuman abilities are invited to stay in the luxurious mansion, No matter the age! Currently, We only have Highschool* students and Adults* staying here. We treat all like family and we work as a team.
X-Men AU. Based off the old show (If anyone remembers that shit). Everyone is a mutant and staying in the X-Mansion. Teenagers go to school like they are qualified by law to do (But their won't be any actual school events. Most of the rping is IN the mansion). But like every striving chatroom, there must be rules.
1.) No Godmodding. Please discuss your ability before you choose it, do not go over your set line. You will get two warnings before a goodwill take action.
2.)Your character can either be a Teenager or an Adult. No younger. Your character must be in Highschool if they're a teenager. (College can also work)
3.)Try to be courteous and respectful to others.
4.)If there is a major problem, contact a mod. If none are on, leave a complaint. Or bug us when you see one of us
5.)No doubles. That includes genderbents.
6.)Please put your ability in your modifier along.
7.)No godmodding. I don't care if I said it, this is that important.
8.)Have fun!
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