Full Version: Corpse BrideStuck
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You may kiss the Bride

Welcome to the spooks of the Corpse Bride AU!

This is the lovely story of a couple that held love and trust for each other...And then there was the Groom that had been brought into their lives. Now there was confusion, and hopefully it would be solved soon.

1.]No smut in the Main room, if you’d like i will make a private chat for you
2.]Nothing of extended gore or bloodshed but SOME will be allowed due to the dead not feeling pain
3.]Do not be unethical or rude to people in OOC or else you will be silenced
4.]After an extended time of being off of the chat your character is up for grabs (1 week-10 days)
5.]No genderbents or OC’s
6.]This will have some different scenarios than the movie though the main ones will happen so make new things happen!

Come on in!
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