Full Version: Tactical Flarp
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Description: Welcome to Tactical FLARP. The point of this is to test out my new AU! The characters are defined as such so far: On the HiveLand Security team: Commander Karkat, Marksman Eridan, Hacker Sollux, Forensic Analyst Aradia, Public Relations Maryam, and Prosecutor Pyrope. On the Troll Mafia side, Codmother Feferi, Master Thief Vriska, Usurper Gamzee, Lookout Tavros, Psycho Nepeta, Enforcer Equius. Any other characters you can make up their roles. You can change their personalities but keep their jobs. Reserves: Marksman Eridan.

It had been a war since all the trolls on Alternia could remember. The war against organized crime. It may be coming to a close soon, but not until the deed was done. Not until the Codmother was silenced. Not until Mituna was avenged for Gamzees rampage. Not until the dead could be honored. Outside help was called, humans they were called. Would be arriving any day now. As long as the Midnight Crew didn't come sniffing around everything would be fine. Safe and sound. Eridan sat on top of his sniper nest, waiting for Karkats orders. Sollux had traced the Mafia here, because unbeknownst to everyone else, Gamzee had taken a selfie and managed to get Vriska, Tavros, Equius, Nepeta, Himself, and Feferi in. "Wow, that'th hard to accomplith when you're TRYING..." Sollux had commented. He tracked down off of Gamzees Honker profile page this warehouse. The meeting was about to go down.
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