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Hey, everyone! I'm Mel, and I'm the main mod of the chat known as the Land of Hell and Barbecue. LOHAB is a multi-fandom chat that has been around since the beginning of the summer of 2012. We're a chill group of people who love to RP and hang out together both in character, and out of character.

Despite the fact that 'Hell' is in the name of the chat, we like to keep things as organized and drama-free as possible. Trust me when I say we've had a lot of drama in the past. We'd like to avoid that as much as possible.

Anyway, chat rules can be found here, the house layout can be found here, and the list of regulars is found here.

Stop on by sometime!
Regular, "Chilly" here to give the thumbs up to this chat. It can be pretty chaotic and silly sometimes, but they're a good group generally.
Also be prepared for Daves.
The house is literally overrun by Daves, like woah.
((and sex is definitely a thing, but it stays out the main chat, ya dig??

If you ever see a "~~" it's probably me. :>
I'm here to just put in a good word that this is a wonderful group, and where I spend most of my time on MSPARP. It's quite the quality room, and the regulars and new persons who interact there are all very friendly and wonderful roleplayers. We play fun games often, and generally have cute group fun. Stop by some time and join us. <3
i'd love to put in a good word, as well! i've been dropping by there very often for the past couple of weeks. i'm the clubs deuce with the dark grey-ish text! there are lovely people in there, ones that i enjoy talking to a lot, even though, like i said, i haven't been there for long. uh, in any case, i'm really glad i decided to drop in one day, so. yeah.
Yo, puppetFetishist dropping in to say this really is a rad group eue They're a whole bunch of fun and just all-round friendly and ksdjfdh. <3
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