Full Version: The Person Above Game
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All you have to do is guess what the person who posted before you is/was doing, playing, eating, etc... It can be perfectly random!

Original Poster: Blah blah blah...
Person 1: ^ Is blabbering
Person 2: ^ Is craving apple pie
Person 1: ^ Is writing down names of people to kill. PS. HOW DID YOU KNOW!?

Now start!
^ Is excited for people to reply to this memo
^ is secretly Chuck Norris
^ is secretly Shia Labeouf
^ Is wondering if this post will be filled predominately by memes
^ Is probably hoping not
^ Is probably hoping it will, but is instead being very distracted by virtual sweets
^ Is married to a tree.
^ Has recently married a tree but got divorced soon after
^is deeply invested in marrying off fluttershy.
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