Full Version: Profile Suggestions: Lands, Strife Specibi, Fetch Modi
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"Your Land: Land of ___ and ___"

Pretty simple, really. Gives you the option to display your land if you were in a sburb session.

"Your strife: ___kind"

What your weapon archetype would be.

"Your Fetch Modi: ______"
"Short summary of what your Fetch Modi does (How will you retrieve your cards from the deck?): ______________"

And what your Fetch Modi would be, along with a light description on what it could do.

Just a few things to add a little more of that customization powder to the whole deal.
Bringing this back because I still feel it'd be neat.
I agree with this!
I think this is a really good idea. Although I'm not sure the portion of how the Fetch Modus functions is very necessary. That would make the profile feel more like an RP application than anything.
For example, I would prefer to put just Stem-and-Leaf Modus as opposed to explaining how it works. :D
Miraclemodus every time. But I definitely agree with the land and strife things. Then I can finally change my location n' such.
It would be really fun to show others our land titles
I would love this to be added, maybe somewhere towards the top of the profile. Even having it be an extra box under the grist cache or the info section would be nice.
I think this a really good idea!
We already have god tiers, so expanding it further just makes sense (and would be a lot of fun).
I agree that Fetch Modii may be a bit much; there's only so much room, especially for mobile users. But lands and strife? Sign me up.
I like this idea, but it's completely commodity. I'd rather the mods add more important things than this. If they ever have spare time, however, this would be a neat addition.
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