Full Version: fuck wwizards i am the master of science (Guide to Eridan)
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(Hello, just directly transferring a couple of guides from the Trollplay forums. They got pretty positive reception over there, so I figured you guys might want them.)

Whelp, doing this off a whim, but whatever. I've gotten rather tired of running into Eridans in the chat that are either:

1. Total wusses.
2. Have literally nothing on the mind but sex.

Eridan's a lot of things and he's certainly a pile of problems, but he isn't any of the above.

Eridan and Quadrants
Dualscar, Eridan's Warfare History Nerdery, and the power of SCIENCE
The Hemocaste System and Killing All the Land Dwellers
Redeeming him
In summary:
I hope that helped anyone struggling with Eridan. To close, here's the little dude being adorable:

[Image: HpBZA.gif]
this is perfect and you are perfect. a+++ 10/10 huncho hancho guide my friend.
THANK YOU (i too have gotten tired of the 'imposters')
I have to give you a slow but meaningful clap for finally showing me the light. All the people I have asked about how to play him have always told me the exact opposite. Oh course, I got tired of being the weak and perverted Eridan and when I did try your style people were just taken aback. I would love to RP this Eridan but alast there so much hate on him its impossible to do so.
You have a perfect image of Eridan. I see people play him as some total charmer, or a perv, or all of these other things that he absolutely is NOT way too often! You sound like a wonderful Eridan roleplayer, and if you would be alright with it, I would love to roleplay with you sometime!
i haven't mentioned this earlier (mobile, y'know?) but this is definitely one of my favorite references when explaining eridan to someone.
Oh, and perhaps we should add that Eridan being truly a Hero of Hope it was his presumed destiny to KILL Lord english, like all Heros of Hope.

Ain't that the perfect hero way.
I needed this
*shows up at your house with a giant bouqet of violets* thank you for this
This analysis of him makes me realize that Cronus was probably written as a character who is basically the "fanon," i.e. pervy and desperate, Eridan. That'll help me keep his actual personality & thoughts in mind while RPing, thank you ;w;
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