Full Version: Check the rules
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The main forum rules are here.
  • If your guide involves NSFW content, make sure to put a note in square brackets in the subject saying [NSFW].
  • Do not use this board to post a list of things you dislike about the way people roleplay. That belongs in the Roleplaying Feels section.
  • You can talk about your dislikes, as long as you offer constructive criticism or offer suggestions to avoid common pitfalls.
  • All of these guides are opinions and nothing more than that. Play the characters the way you enjoy most. However, a guide can be a useful tool for those learning to roleplay a character, especially if you've never played them before.
  • You can write guides that are strictly canon (to be marked as [Canon]) or ones that offer ways for people to diverge from canon. An example of a non-canon guide would be one that gives advice on how to deal with John claiming he's not a homosexual if you want him to end up in a relationship with a guy.
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