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Alright! After a long time hosting other chats, like for instance, Petstuck, Collegestuck, and others and placing them on Tumblr, me (fem!sollux), the Signless, Feferi, and Marquise, have made a chat. You MUST FOLLOW THE RULES. Otherwise, you will face consequences.


Characters: Please, no OC's or characters from other fandoms. It's better if we stay Homestuck. Doubles are aloud. Genderbents, etc. are aloud. Don't use pregnant!, horny!, or anything that would seem not to fit this chat. If you are genderbent, actually BE the characters personalty. Just because they switch genders, does NOT MEAN YOU CHANGE THEIR PERSONALTY. Character development is aloud.

Godmodding: Make attempts on things, so no over powered actions like punching someone to orbit or nothing silly like punching them into their moma's womb. Everything must be attempts, not straight up happens. So like *Attempts to slap her.* So people can counter it, or let it happen.

NSFW: No NSFW, you can go as far as groping, or slapping someones butt hehe, but if it gets too graphic then you will be kicked, you can come back right after but it's just so you know. If you post any smut someone's had, you will be silenced. Smut must be put in another chat. Going into your bra or panties or boxers will be allowed for T or D, and for swimming, but that's if everyones okay with getting a little dirty. Also, people who are MEANT to talk dirty (Damara for example) CAN talk dirty, but must not actually do what they talk about in actual RP.

SILENCING OR BANNING OR MOD ABUSE: Banning is if everyone does not like what your doing, and as much as they complain, you do not stop, you will be banned from the chat. Silencing can be lifted, you may go to a court chat to plead for you to be unsilenced, and if we all agree you will be. NO MOD ABUSE, I will NOT tolerate mods doing stupid shit to people, if a mod abuses it's power, go see me, I will usually be a red blood, and I will see what I can do.

EXCESS RULES: If you do anything that everyone does not agree with, please stop or you will have a talk with the mods. Oh, and no posting up other chats, I don't want everyone to go. Only script form, please.

Otherwise, have fun!


OOC Chat:

Court (this is for when you are kicked, and you want to talk on the subject of what you've done):
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