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Hello there. I'm Andrew. I'm part of this little RP group we have going called We Are The Other Session's Children (Or WATOSC for easy typing) We spanned out from a chat that was originally promoted by MSPARP (Though is no longer associated with it) and early on had a pretty decent set of regulars and a good characters coming in, and was primarily a non-canon fancharacter chat. Unfortunately, the chat has seen much better days and is right now pretty much dead. The last few of us who regular'd it cobbled together and formed this group going by the same name, and we went off and did (and are still doing) a fanadventure and left the chat to die it's own peaceful death. But, we're putting the fanadventure on hold for now, in favour of a revival of our main chat, along with a few other side chats to compliment it.

The main rooms we currently have on the go at the moment are our original non-canon character chat;
-Note, I don't think I quite stressed this enough but this is an original character ONLY chat.

We also have a semi-canon chat going, for both canon and non-canon character to mingle;

and as a side, we have a less used OOC chat, to help combat OOC in the main two chats;

Update! We now have a full canon chat for canon characters only;

A few rules however are in place. Unfortunately, the main complaint we received about the chat before it's death was that there was way too much shipping in it. I'm all for a bit of lovey-dovey/hatey-watey, but please, try and keep it down as much as you can.
Also, the main chats are meant to be safe for work, so no smutting in any of them.
And for the love of god, don't be a dick in OOC.
That's all really, in terms of rules.

The mods that most frequent are:
Andrew(me, duh): sublimePhysicist
Alexis: fatefulThrall/extrovertedSaxophone/dangerousVines
Dorsey: standaloneGenocide
And Sam: antediluvianHistorian/relentlessFro
That's pretty much it, happy roleplaying!
Good news! We got a full on canon chat on the go now! Added the link as part of the main post.
After us losing two of the chats to what I can only presume to be a server failure (Or maybe a clearout? I have no idea) We have the canon and non-canon character rooms back. Apologies if you attempted to connect to them in the time they were down.
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