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So the trollplay forums went back up which means I can finally grab my other guides and preserve them elsewhere in the hopes that my evil Maryam kin will grow and flourish, chasing out the dreaded Cardboardnayas and Plasterwallrrims.

Porrim Maryam. She doesn't seem to be that popular in terms of RP, but she does show up with variable results. I myself suck at Porrim, but have been told by some that they would play her had they any idea on how to play her! I am here to tell you that I have next to nothing to tell you! Because we really don't have that much on her. I will make a guide based on what we have seen and occasionally add various assumptions one can make on any one given issue maybe. Like whether or not she's any good at sex. If I have I will point it out.

On that note this thing will include mentions of sex and possibly even descriptions on how to not entirely fucking fail at it when playing what many view as an ultra talented sex goddess.

Hobbies and Interests
Sex: How it works and views on it. NSFW
Feminism and Sexism
Tattooing and piercing section coming soon! Because at least one other person must be as weird about details as me!

All right so that is done. As one may note the word "seems" and things like it have been used a lot. Because we don't exactly know as much about her as we do about Kanaya or Rose or Karkat. I HAVE TRIED THOUGH. I also apologize for my version of what "next to nothing" means. Really it's mostly just words.
This seems largely in order. Well done! I take issue only with the suggestion that Porrim is promiscuous. Porrim's sex life is more complicated than simply having sex with whoever she wants to have sex with: Porrim is promiscuous only insofar as she frequently changes quadrants. She runs through new quadrant fillers at an unusual speed, but that's the extent of it as far as we know. Porrim seems unwilling to have sex with somebody outside the context of the semi-monogamous quadrants, and her desire to do so is presumably what leads to her changing quadrants so often. We have no information to suggest that she has non-quadrant sexual relations in the same way that Damara does (or tries to). If this were the case, she would have much less (though not entirely absent) reason to swap her black and red quadrants so frequently, since she could just have sex with whoever she wanted. When Kankri "slut shames" her, he attacks her revolving door quadrants, he doesn't suggest that she ignores those quadrants. She takes monogamous matesprits and kismesises, she simply goes through them at an accelerated rate.
Post scrubbed out because this is a guide and it's unnecessarily cluttering it.
(05-22-2013 08:45 AM)Aondeug Wrote: [ -> ]Also I wouldn't think that her having sex with multiple people even outside of those two quadrants would necessarily mean she needs to swap them less.
It doesn't necessarily, which is why I said "she would have much less (though not entirely absent) reason to swap". I said only that she would have less reason, I was quite specific about reason still existing.

(05-22-2013 08:45 AM)Aondeug Wrote: [ -> ]To presume that she would, at all times, have much less reason to frequently switch is sticking with one view on sex and how it interrelates with romance.
Yes, it is: the troll way that was explained to us in the comic. Until we're told otherwise (like Kankri did with himself), it's safe to assume any given troll holds to the standards of troll romance and mating even if they quadrant flip a lot.

(05-22-2013 08:45 AM)Aondeug Wrote: [ -> ]I find the insinuation that promiscuity is always as simple as "has lots of indiscriminate sex with whoever" rather offensive both for myself and other promiscuous people.
Yes, I also find that offensive. It's a good thing nobody said that. What I said, fortunately, was "having sex with whoever she wants to have sex with" which is in no way the same as having indiscriminate sex. It is, in fact, discriminate sex by definition. By discriminating between people one wishes to have sex with and people one does not have sex with, it automatically loses the indiscriminate label. I also didn't say anything about casual sex, although I'm fairly certain we have no reason to believe Porrim engages in casual sex. Nothing is stopping anyone from holding that headcanon, of course, I'm just saying there's nothing that actually suggests it in canon and thus its place in your guide to playing Porrim according to canon seems dubious to me.

(05-22-2013 08:45 AM)Aondeug Wrote: [ -> ]Also the way you worded it "she takes monogamous" doesn't equate to her being monogamous. She could be polyamorous given how you worded that.
She could be, but we have no reason to believe that she is. We know that most trolls are monogamous, we know that she is a troll, we know that she has monogamous relationships, and that is all that we know. She never mentions deviating from the norm, and neither does Kankri in all his ranting about her, and so it's pretty easy to infer that she herself is monogamous until we're given some reason to believe otherwise. Nothing is stopping anyone from holding the headcanon that she's polyamorous, but again, there's nothing to suggest that she is non-monogamous in canon. As of right now, we have no reason to believe she has deviated from the troll standard in this way.
Post scrubbed out because this is a guide and it's unnecessarily cluttering it.
If you read something into what I say and it isn't something that I said, I'm not really sure how you can blame me for it. Saying "it's easy to read that wrong" is incredibly presumptuous of other peoples' reading habits, and is a fairly poor excuse for why you misread my text. I can't be held responsible if I say one thing and you believe it means something else. I couldn't be held responsible even if fifty people read it wrong. What can I possibly have done to prevent that? I'm not an oracle or a mind reader. All I can do is assume people will read what I say and assume it means the thing that I said.

Promiscuity is having sex with whoever you want to have sex with. The dictionary definition of the word on the first two Google results for "promiscuous dictionary" explicitly mention indiscriminate sexual conduct, as does the oxford dictionary, so I was actually cutting the word some (deserved) slack when I specified that they would probably only have sex with people they actually want to have sex with. When I say people only have sex with who they want to have sex with, by definition of the very word "indiscriminate" I could not have possibly meant that they have sex with just anyone, and the fact that you thought I did suggests you were just looking for an argument and mentally shaping what I said into something offensive. If you want "promiscuous" to mean something else, I can't be held responsible for that. I suggest finding a word that actually means what you want promiscuous to mean.

She would have less reasons to swap quadrants, not different reasons. By removing "I am monogamous like most trolls and thus want to end my present relationship so I can have sex with somebody else" from her list of possible reasons to end a relationship, she automatically has one less potential reason to end a relationship. That is... Like, the basic meaning of the word "less".

I'm sorry to play semantics like this, but I honestly have no idea how else to respond to somebody getting angry because of something they are actually acknowledging I didn't say.
Post scrubbed out because this is a guide and it's unnecessarily cluttering it.

Don't respond to the post that was here before. Nor this one.
Semantics is the study of the meaning of words, which is something you actually did first if you'll recall. After I said there was no canon evidence of Porrim's promiscuity, you went into a fairly long post about the meaning of the word "promiscuous". There is little one can do in response to semantics besides use more semantics. Also, I'm not really sure why you're accusing me of using semantics when I just admitted that's what I was doing at the end of my post. I am clearly aware that this is a semantic debate. I don't really see why that is a bad thing, or why you felt the need to tell me something I already admitted to.

I will not be banished from a topic simply because you're angry with me, and I'm honestly uncertain where your hostility is coming from. I haven't been aggressive at any point in this conversation, I've simply stated my opinion. All I was ever trying to do was provide a small critique on your otherwise finely made Porrim guide, and you got so upset over it that Ramus actually went full-on white knight mode and sent me an insulting PM for daring to disagree with you. He then blocked my ability to reply privately, thus solidifying the last word on the subject since I'm trying to minimize drama here as much as I can without submitting outright, and so I won't be responding publicly. I'm only even mentioning it because I'm not sure if you knew about it; it doesn't seem like the kind of behavior you would condone, as your own PM was far more polite.

What I'm asking with regards to Porrim having less reason to end her relationships is that, if she wanted to have non-quadrant sex like Damara tries to, why would her quadrants be "revolving doors"? Why enter into quadrants one after another if she's doing it for sex with multiple partners unless she limits herself to two partners at a time (or even more than that, as long as she only has sex in relationships)? She might be doing it for non-sexual reasons, sure, but we'd need to strike "to have lots of sex" off of the list. All I was ever saying is that there's no evidence to suggest that Porrim wants to have sex with more than two partners at a time (one red, one black) in canon, and so it doesn't seem to fit in the guide regardless of the specific definition of "promiscuous".

I can't find differing definitions behind the word "promiscuous". All the major online dictionaries seem to say roughly the same thing: a person who has indiscriminate sex. Then there are a bunch of other definitions unrelated to sex that talk about being indiscriminate or haphazard. The only exception is the Webster's definition, which leaves out the word "indiscriminate" and settles for the extremely vague "not restricted to one sexual partner" which would technically be true of all trolls who aren't Signless and Disciple, except in the case of somebody who can't find both a kismesis and a matesprit. Kankri's claims to asexuality are pretty dubious, but he may have purely romantic, non-sexual feelings for Latula.

This is exactly why I asked you to try not to involve your personal life so much on the Trollyplay forums. It leads to this kind of thing when you take everything so personally. I just wanted to talk about a thing in your guide and discuss Homestuck characters, and suddenly I'm being asked to leave the topic and stop speaking to you.

If you want me to stop speaking to you publicly (I've already declined to respond to your PM, as per your request), I highly suggest you stop speaking to me publicly first. You can't say a bunch of stuff and then ask me not to talk to you, because obviously I'm going to want to respond to all the other stuff you said.
Stop talking to me.

Just stop it. Now.

It was a mistake on my part. Hence why I got rid of the post. Stop it.

Now fucking stop it.
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