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[quirk=pre="^-^ <" cap set="E=3, I=II, A=4, S=2, T=7, O=0, B=8" end="" col="adb304"] sup fuck ass[/quirk]
Friend, try posting in general chat :0 you can also click "Preview" instead of actually posting if you're just testing things out c:

still not sure who to chat about this, sorry friends uwu;;
I believe this is what you want:

sup fuck ass

[quirk=pre="^-^ <" set="E=3,I=II,A=4,S=2,T=7,O=0,B=8" end="" col="#adb304"] sup fuck ass[/quirk]

Or if I understand the errant "cap" in there and you're looking for all caps, this is probably the easiest way to do it (enclosing your text in [ c ] tags and making replacements caps insensitive:

[c] sup fuck ass[/c]

[quirk=pre="^-^ <" set="/[eE]/=3,/[iI]/=II,/[aA]/=4,/[sS]/=2,/[tT]/=7,/[oO]/=0,/[bB]/=8" end="" col="#adb304"][c] sup fuck ass[/c][/quirk]

And yes, using the Preview is good, although maybe we could have a memo for help with quirks? :) Hmm.

Moving this one to archive so it doesn't clutter.
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