Full Version: ignore this im trying to figure out some things unless you wanna read stupid shit
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Theif of Heart
hello people my name is rianne captor im mitunas and solluxs little sister i like bees and honey my hair is poofy like mitunas and im 4 sweeps i know im not supposed to have my name yet but fuck that shit i am also 4'4 tall i like to code computer programs and my best friend is rufioh my quadrants are empty but thats what ever anyways i wanted to make people aware of me baiiii
ill be in one of your quadrants
no well maybe kismesis but i do not make ant promises
i said no promises
leave the girl alone
im not causing any problems
excuse you
you heard m
shut the fuck up
ahem you fucking heard me
whats going on here
double rainbow all the way across the sky yeah yeah so intense douublee rainbow all the way across the sky wow oh my god
*facepalm* what the hell gamz
its so miraculous
hey rianne
well um i um may have
i said no
hey there
um hi who are you
im erisolsprite
oh ive heard about you
... can i talk now
hey rianne mituna said you needed help
no im fine now
hey cheif
hehe hi
can we go somewhere private
hehe sure
and they walked away
Heart quadrant filled
what the hell
i...i dont even

so many things wrong
ah, i don't think should be in group connections, friend!

I can't find any online mods at the moment? ;u;) who do i chat to about this sort of thing?
(02-16-2015 06:28 AM)interestingPerril Wrote: [ -> ]i...i dont even

so many things wrong

...Do you know what this is about???? Cause I have no clue. Whatsoever.
so many things.
Moving this one also (see other memo).
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