Full Version: The Other Fuchsia Blood
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A relatively young seadweller sits in a cave at the bottom of the sea. Although it was almost seven sweeps ago she was given a biologically impossible life, it is only today that she will be given a name.

What will the name of this troll be?

==> Enter name.
==> Enter Name
Bitchy Twit
(02-14-2015 01:29 AM)littlefourstar Wrote: [ -> ]==> Enter Name
Bitchy Twit

Oh SHELL no. That title belongs to a certain other highblood troll.

Try again, fucknugget.

==> Enter name:


THERE we go. Your name is DYONIS SEPTUM, and you are one of only THREE EXISTING TYRIAN BLOODED TROLLS IN THE UNIVERSE. Of course, everyone else in the universe is unaware of your existence, ESPECIALLY the current reigning Heiress and Empress. You don't know about the former, but the latter was going to return to Alternia one day to kill the Heiress, and you'd rather sit in the shadows, thank you very much. You have a remarkable gift of GOING UNNOTICED when so desired and HIDING FROM DANGER. Your lusus was supposed to be Gl'byoglyb, except it can only house one troll at a time, and considering two already existed? Yeeeeeeeeah, that's a bruhaha you would much rather avoid. Besides, you are very SELF SUFFICIENT and have managed to survive for 6.92 sweeps all on your own in a cave under the sea. You think.

Some activities of yours include PHOTOGRAPHY, SPYING, and GOSSIPING, even though you have no one to gossip with. You speak with no true accent, although you tend to come off a bit monotonous and serious sometimes, as though every moment of your life was in danger. Which it was.

What will you do next?
Do a silly dance and go for a swim.
==> Drink copious amounts of carbonated sugary liquid while doing a haughty jig.
==> Think about fish puns and caste equality
(02-14-2015 05:41 AM)psychoticWriter Wrote: [ -> ]==> Do a silly dance and go for a swim.

You suddenly have the ridiculously strong desire to dance ridiculously. Your arms flail around and you drop on the deck and flop like a fish. The fish analogy makes you want to go outside your cave and swim around a bit.

You take one stride out and immediately about-face to go back inside. What were you thinking??? Limitless dangers await you out there! The Heiress, the seabeasts, the violet-bloods- especially that crazy one that wielded the harpoon gun and the ugly cape- it was pretty much suicidal! It was.... swimpukku.

You go back inside your cave.

(02-14-2015 07:41 AM)Evilkit13 Wrote: [ -> ]==> Drink copious amounts of carbonated sugary liquid while doing a haughty jig.

Sometimes weird things would wash up underneath these waters. Your cave was a treasure trove of trash. Try saying that three times fast. Oh hey cool, that rhymed.

Anyways. There was this weird smooth bottle with colorful liquid inside that washed up a day or two ago. You wondered if it was edible, and took a sip.

Holy. Shit.

It was miraculous. You chug it down as fast as you can without dying and three seconds later a strong burst of adrenaline hit you. You won't find out until much later, but this feeling was actually called a "sugar rush." It puts you in high spirits, and you begin to prance around your cave like a bumbling buffoon in a manner that can only be described as a haughty jig.


(02-14-2015 10:25 AM)littlefourstar Wrote: [ -> ]==> Think about fish puns and caste equality

The sugar crash hit hard and you collapse to the cold rocky floor, suddenly miserable and out of energy. Why would you partake in such blissful activities when such horrible things were going on all around you at the moment?

You sit up and sigh, running a hand through your tangled mess of long hair. Sometimes hiding made you angry and sad, because you weren't stupid. You knew perfectly well what was going on out there, above the surface. The lowbloods were being krilled and the highbloods were panting heavily at the delicious taste of their power. It was disgusting.

But you couldn't do anything about it. Yet. In your trusty SEA CAPTAIN'S LOG, you write all of your precious dreams and goals for your future as an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TROLL in society.

You look through it a little and notice a distinct lack of fish puns. You should get up to date on that, those were important. What kind of seadweller would you be if you didn't make FISH PUNS? An UNIMPORTANT SEADWELLER, that's what.
==> Read the log out loud.

(02-16-2015 03:11 AM)dinghyProngs Wrote: [ -> ]==> Read the log out loud.

Being lonely sucked, so you decide to pass the time by reading some of your trusty SEA CAPTAIN'S LOG out loud in an attempt to fill the crushing silence.

Monda¥, 7:53 AM: A cuttlefish swam into m¥ cave just now. I panicked and stabbed it with m¥ 2x2dent.

Monda¥, 8:17 AM: The Heiress came dangerousl¥ close b¥, in search of the dead cuttlefish. I buried it under a little pile of rocks in the corner and hid from her. She had a 2x3dent. I am scared for m¥ well being. Should she find the dead sea creature and know the cause of its untimel¥ demise was m¥ fault, I ma¥ ver¥ will be fish food for Gl'b¥oglb in a matter of minutes.

Tuesda¥, 12:46 PM: Toda¥ I had nothing to eat or drink except or this sugar¥ carbonated liquid and-


You jump with a start, terrified. What was that??
> Explore with your 2x2dent in hand!
(02-16-2015 07:56 AM)Bayleela Wrote: [ -> ]> Explore with your 2x2dent in hand!

Cautiously, with your 2x2dent in hand, you move slowly towards the source of the mysterious DING noise. It sounds again, and you shriek, stabbing the nearest floating object out of reflex. Luckily, it was just a plush dragon toy and not anything of high importance. You slow your rapidly beating bloodpusher with some deep sea breathing.

The source of the sound appeared to be a... was that a... HOLY CARP, IT WAS! You squeal in glee. You had only ever seen one once, and that was sweeps ago. It was a husktop! And a waterproof one, to boot!

The ding was just a Trollian message. Back in days when you were braver, you would sneak into a nearby abandoned hive and use the culled trolls' husktop to learn about Alternia, at least until it was demolished. Most of it was Empiric propaganda, of course, but you had set up a Trollian account. You were too scared to actually troll anyone, though. This husktop looked like it was logged into an account labeled "nookitalExcretions."

You wrinkle your nose. That's disgusting.

What should you do next?
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