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DiscoveryStuck? What's That?

[Image: tumblr_mhmjewk7iA1rdz5i0o1_1280.jpg]

It's an original AU storyline of epic proportions. It's an AU in which characters, canon and OC alike, of all species come together into a dysfunctional extended family to perform all kinds of SCIENCE!!1 and battle monsters from the Earth's Core, or cosmic super villains from space.

The story centers around a scientific group known as the Discovery Corps, which consists of all kinds of various scientists and adventurers. The Kids/Trolls/ETC are essentially Discoverers in training, learning the ways of quantum physics and the universe, to become the world's next great geniuses and saviors.

Oh, and they also get fancy jumpsuit-uniform thingies, each with custom colors and personalized symbols on the chest:

[Image: costume,fantastic,four,costume,halloween...ec33_h.jpg]

The Chat:

The kind of thing to expect from this RP:

-Sci Fi Science/Advanced Technology
-Aliens/Mutants/Humans/Mole People/Robots/Cosmic Entities
- Dysfunctional Extended Friendship-Families
- Epic Battles of the Superheroic kind
- Fiendish enemies ranging from Underground creatures to Space Demigods and Internet Jerks
- Travel to distant lands/dimensions/and planets

Some more, 'Visual' Examples.
Hey there: If Anyone's coming on the site to find no one online, then it's because I've been busy, and frankly, the lack of players in the beginning hasn't exactly been the most inspiring thing.

But one thing I'd really appreciate is if more people could post in this forum area prior, maybe discuss a few things firsthand before getting into things.
Can I be the villian?
seeing as I RP the batterwitch a lot I think its fitting.
Let us discuss further.

Wotcher have in mind there as a villain, Baroness?
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