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I don't have a full list of the site rules, but let me be clear about something; this is not a place to report people who are RPing something that offends you or that you do not like. We do not moderate the content of RP (to a reasonable extent- no, you are not allowed to roleplay Hitler.)

Put simply:

This forum is for posting the kind of thing you would report in a ticket, as it can at times be easier to post here to get discussion on the topic and more public exposure about a problem that is happening than simply submitting a ticket that will only be seen by a couple admins. It can help to publicly discuss these issues, and that's why this forum exists.

You do not post complaints about the content or quality of other people's RPs and you do not post asking anything to be done about something that is not part of the site's rules. If you want something about the site to be altered, including its rules, you post to the Suggestions forum instead. In addition, if someone is being a jerk in a chat, you don't report them here. You ask the chat mods to ban them, and if there are none, then consider submitting a ticket asking for someone to be modded or to simply leave and wait for mods to arrive. If they evade the ban somehow, THAT is when you post.

If it's not against the site's rules, don't post it here. This is for spam, harassment, and other breaches of the site's rules. Simple.
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