Full Version: Do not advertize that you do smut on this forum
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There's a reason we separate Adult Connections and One-on-one connections on this forum. It's not because we don't want to offend anyone with graphic descriptions of kink and stuff or because the Adult Connections section is only for plotless smut. It is because if you are advertising that you roleplay smut to those who are underage, then it puts the MSPARP site itself in danger.

You're not supposed to advertise NSFW/sexual stuff in this forum. It's not about how explicit you are about it. Even if it is a three word mention that 'you also RP smut' in the middle of a sentence, it shouldn't be here.

However, it is 100% fine for you to copy your post exactly and add that you do NSFW stuff in the Adult Connections section of the forum. That's not considered spamming by the mods.

It is NOT okay to advertise that you do NSFW stuff here.

This is purely for the legal reason that we do not want MSPARP shut down. It has happened to other Homestuck related websites that had smut on them. Let's not have that happen here.
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