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Talk about the forum update all you'd like here.
Everything I've seen from this update is amazing in every feasible way, thank you.
yeah i have to say whoever contributed to it made it look v nice
GodDAMN is this forum upd8 pleasing to the eyes. Not to mention the visual rehaul that's happened to PARP itself. Kudos to you MSPARP staff, serious kudos.
Glad people have been liking the updates Smile

Let's see if we can't make some use of the new facilities!
OKay, first off this all looks really nice. However, i'm having a small problem with custom quirks, I can't seem to use backslashes in it. They just disappear when i save it. Is there some fancy way around this?
Typing \\ instead of \ in your profile settings should do the trick (you don't need to do this when using the quirk tag manually from the editor).
Alright, thank you very much!
How do you get different kinds of grist
(03-13-2015 06:40 AM)ScorpionSlayer Wrote: [ -> ]How do you get different kinds of grist

Some kinds of grist are like "prizes" of sorts given to users by those with modship powers on the forums. They're given to users who make certain kinds/ammounts of contributions, and of a certain quality.
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